Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Cat Owners

catownersTop 5 Money Saving Tips For Cat Owners


Cut the cost of pet care – it wasn’t so expensive even a few years ago, now increased commercialism is making keeping a cat or dog almost unaffordable. You can go back to basics and a trip down memory lane will keep your cat costs low:

Top tip No.1 – make your own cat litter with paper – a thick wad of the latest news in the bottom of the litter tray and then fine shredded paper on top. We’ve never known a cat not like this home made litter and it’s easier to dispose of too. In past days people used to make their own litter trays – a wooden box or tin tray – and then put a scoop of sand, earth or ashes from the fire in. (more…)

Money Saving Advice for Pet Owners

petcareMoney Saving Advice for Pet Owners


Expenses such as food, vaccines, heart worm prevention, flea and tick treatments, regular vet visits, accidents or illness, pet housing, toys, and other minor expenses can add up quickly. According to Doctor’s Foster and Smith, the cost of owning a dog can be anywhere from $500 to $6000 the first year, which includes purchase price or adoption fee and first year purchases that do not have to be repeated. Subsequent years can cost pet owners from around $300 to $3000 per year.
There are a number of ways pet owners can save money. Many of the costs associated with owning a pet can be managed.

Around my house there are three dogs, three fish, and a bird. We had to find ways to save money while still providing the best care our pet’s health and well being. We’ve implemented the following money saving ideas to help ease our costs. Combine this advice with good money saving common sense of your own and you’ll find keeping your pet more affordable. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

petownerMoney Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Everyone is trying to figure out ways to save money in today’s less prosperous economy and pet owners are not even exempted. In any case, having a pet can be costly. According to the survey conducted by the American Pet Association, we use over $45 billion dollars a year on our pets. But having a pet doesn’t have to be an expensive plan. Consider the following budget-friendly techniques in taking care of your family pet.

1. Start by Adopting a Pet

If you are saving cents (and even if you aren’t), go check your regional animal shelter. They have pets of all age, personalities and sizes and often only charge for vaccination and spaying costs. (more…)

Tips to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bill

petcareTips to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bill




Pets not only require our time and attention, they require our money, too. Food, vaccinations, and veterinary medical care all add up. In today’s tough economy, people are rethinking their personal expenses and cutting the budget where they can. Here are some tips to keep your pet in good health while saving money.

1. How to raise funds for pet and vet care bills
For emergencies and other unplanned veterinary costs, the expenses can be staggering. In some cases, it becomes a life-and-death situation just because the funds are short, not a medical shortcoming. Other times, and animal may “find” us; they may be homeless, injured or otherwise healthy but incurring unplanned-for-expenses. Here are some ways to raise funds to help. (more…)

Five Money-Saving Tips for Local Pet Owners

images (91)Five Money-Saving Tips for Local Pet Owners





After realizing she spends thousands of dollars annually on her pets, your Local Leash columnist lists five ways to save money and still support a furry family.

Until now, I’ve resisted doing the math on how much my pets actually cost me monthly. For the sake of this column, dear readers, here it is:

One dog, two cats, two seniors, two cases of arthritis, one case of feline asthma, one case of feline hyperesthesia and one case of feline herpes of the eye = $382 per month. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners

341275159_640Need Money-Saving Tips on Pet Care? Read This!


Be prepared before you adopt. The costs of owning a pet can vary, and can range from about $500 to about $10,000 a year for a dog and between about $300 and $5,000 a year for a cat. Before you adopt, check out our breakdowns, Estimated Annual Dog Care Costs and Estimated Annual Cat Care Costs. (more…)