9 tips for saving money on a ski vacation

skiingtips9 tips for saving money on a ski vacation

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Ski vacations can be expensive. Once you add up airline tickets, vehicle rental, lodging, lift tickets, food, lessons, equipment rental, baggage fees, apres-ski, and tips for instructors, you might just think you’ve made a down payment on a house or a new car. Despite all these costs, however, savvy skiers and snowboarders can save money on their next ski trip.

As a ski industry insider, people often ask me how they can save money on their next ski vacation. These are the most frequent cost-effective tips I share. (more…)

7 Money-Saving Tips For Family Ski Vacations

skivacatiosn7 Money-Saving Tips For Family Ski Vacations

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With today’s slow economy, more and more families are looking for ways save money on their ski and snowboarding vacations without compromising the experience. Here are seven money-saving tips:

1. Avoid the peak holiday periods. Lodging prices around Christmas, New Year’s and President’s Day are often double what they would be for the rest of the season. Air fare differences are even more dramatic. (more…)

Family Skiing Tips – Money-Saving Tips

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Family skiing can be a costly sport, especially when buying gear and lift tickets for three or four or five or you. Below are money-saving tips.

Drive to Your Family Skiing Getaway: Not always possible, of course; but if you can drive to the slopes you can save a lot of dough, not only on airfare but also on luggage fees if you bring your gear along, or on rental costs if you rent your gear at your destination. (more…)

4 Easy Ways to Save on Ski Trips

images (94)4 Easy Ways to Save on Ski Trips

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Skiing has a reputation as a pricey, perhaps even snobby sport. But even if some skiers seem to have their noses raised in the air, there’s no reason to pay through the nose to ski.
Here are four easy strategies to keep the costs of skiing in check:

Ski resorts and mountain towns hate for precious winter weeks to pass by while area hotel rooms remain empty. To attract skiers and boarders to the slopes, not to mention nearby restaurants and hotels, just about every resort offers a constantly shifting roster of hotel-lift ticket packages. They’re often terrific values, especially during midweek and early- and late-season periods when hotels struggle to fill rooms. Sometimes, the price you’ll pay for lodging and a lift ticket is nearly as cheap as what it’d cost just to buy a lift ticket on the spot. To scope out packages, check out ski resort websites, specialists like Ski the Rockies, state ski association sites such as Ski Utah, and, of course, Budget Travel’s Real Deals. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Skiing

images (3)11 Ways to Save Money While Skiing

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Rent Smart

It’s no secret that renting equipment can sometimes be more economical than buying, especially for the novice. Even expert skiers will rent equipment when they’re vacationing or when they don’t get many trips in during the local season. You don’t have to rent from the resort, though; check with local sporting goods and ski shops and those around your destination while you’re planning your trip – you’ll probably find some that rent equipment reasonably.

You may also be surprised to learn that many resorts offer substantial discounts if you reserve rentals in advance. Check the website of your ski resort to see if it’s an option. As a bonus, using either of these methods will get you to the lift faster when you arrive. (more…)