petownerMoney Saving Tips for Pet Owners

Everyone is trying to figure out ways to save money in today’s less prosperous economy and pet owners are not even exempted. In any case, having a pet can be costly. According to the survey conducted by the American Pet Association, we use over $45 billion dollars a year on our pets. But having a pet doesn’t have to be an expensive plan. Consider the following budget-friendly techniques in taking care of your family pet.

1. Start by Adopting a Pet

If you are saving cents (and even if you aren’t), go check your regional animal shelter. They have pets of all age, personalities and sizes and often only charge for vaccination and spaying costs.

If there is a particular type of pet that you love, you still find it at the shelter because all types of pets require new houses. Or communicate to the breed-specific rescue organizations. You can also look for dog-breed clubs in your place. They often have rescue organizations that can help you to find the breed that you like while giving a home for the pet

2. Take Benefits Of Sponsored Spay/Neuter Services

You pay full price that ranges from $200-$300 at your local vet clinic just to get your pet fixed. However, many organizations offer services with big discounts and sometimes free. Examine ASPCA’s unique function for inexpensive and free resources in your place. SPAY/USA and Friends of Animals also offer good lists of budget services

3. Purchase Cheap Pet Food

Websites like Pets Warehouse, PetFooder, and large suppliers such as Costco and Petco may offer good deals on your preferred dog/cat food. You should also have to take a look at online coupon websites such as, and or sign-up at your pet food company’s site for newsletters and discounts.