10 Ways To Save Money Using Google AdWords

googleadwords10 Ways To Save Money Using Google AdWords

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1. Avoid Broad Match Keywords

Whilst the use of broad match keywords can be worthwhile in the right hands, they can be lethal to the unseasoned amateur. Be warned… Using nothing but broad match keywords will burn you.

Broad match keywords are a very basic match type, and if used, will result in your ads appearing for a search query that is vaguely related to the targeted keyword. For example, if you use broad match keywords for the term ‘car insurance’ it is quite likely that your advert will also appear for terms that include ‘caravan insurance’ or possibly even ‘holiday insurance.’ This will result in a strong flow of unwanted and irrelevant traffic to your site. (more…)



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Here are five Adwords tips to help you get more bang for your buck with Google Adwords. (more…)

10 Google Adwords Money Saving Strategies for Small Business

refine_location10 Google Adwords Money Saving Strategies for Small Business

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1. Keyword Research – 2 word keywords or more What are your customers typing into Google to find your services? Google’s keyword tool will help you discover what potential customers are typing into Google to discover your products or services. Never, I repeat, never use single keywords in your campaigns. Use 2 – 3 keyword phrases Eg: income tax accountant, wedding photography Melbourne, small business podcast … you get the idea. (more…)

14 Tips to Save Money on Google AdWords

images (87)14 Tips to Save Money on Google AdWords

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Asking businesses about their experience using Google AdWords can elicit responses ranging from “waste of money” to “invaluable marketing tool”, with quite a few instances of “I have no idea what effect it had” in between.
While it is often promoted by Google as being an easy platform to work with, the truth is that many advertisers have had negative experiences on Google AdWords – for example, their budget might get spent too quickly, they might not have made any sales/leads or they don’t know the effect the campaign had at all.
Any subsequent decision to “never use Adwords again!” would be both naïve and damaging. Google AdWords search marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool to bring in new customers and avoiding the platform is only giving your competitors a leg up.
What’s needed is an approach to Google AdWords that guards your budget initially, allowing you to expand your campaigns as you experience positive results. Consider these cost saving ideas to keep your AdWords search campaigns profitable. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Google AdWords

googleadwordsHow to Save Money with Google AdWords

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1.   Negative Keywords

First up I want to cover negative keywords. At Koozai we have so many clients coming to us who have attempted to run their own AdWords campaigns and failed and I would say that around 99% of these accounts don’t contain even one negative keyword. (more…)