Money-saving tips for gardeners

gadeningtipsMoney-saving tips for gardeners








Gardens can cost a small fortune or almost nothing at all. The thread running through all good gardens is love. Someone, somewhere, cares about them dearly because the best gardens have hours of effort poured into them. Money can buy you short cuts, expensive garden furniture, fountains or a designer, but not necessarily taste.

Which is a godsend, because, unlike to so many other parts of our society, the garden is a leveller. We can all have a wonderful space on whatever budget we have to hand. Like any other shopping experience, impulse is a sure way to strip your purse bare. Garden centres know this, which is why there are always lovely pots of colour by the entrance, or two sizes of the same plants, so that the smaller one instantly looks inferior. Go knowing what you want, and stick to it – and make sure you actually have space for all those plants. (more…)

Money saving tips for gardeners

gardeningMoney saving tips for gardeners


Gardening is a popular hobby to indulge in during the summer months. You take great pride in how your garden looks, and considering how hard you work on it, you should. While it can be a source of relaxation, creativity and even exercise, one thing it doesn’t have to be is expensive. In order to cut costs when your summer garden is concerned, keep your cash in your pocket and your green where it belongs – on your thumb. (more…)

Five top money saving gardening tips

gardeningtipsFive top money saving gardening tips


If you’ve been left green with envy by the Chelsea Flower Show’s top plots, why not create one in your own back garden?

It’s a myth that you need to break the bank to make your garden spectacular, given a little time. Here are our top five money saving tips for a blooming beautiful garden: (more…)

Money saving gardening tips

images (76)Money saving gardening tips


With so much pressure on the family budget nowadays, spending money on your garden may sometimes appear like an extravagant expense. Read our money saving hints and tips to find out how to make your money go further in the garden, so you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden without emptying your wallet!

1. A good first step is to take a look at our latest special offers or even better, sign up for our newsletters so you never miss out on any future special deals – some of which are only available to subscribers. (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Gardening

200-garden-gloves-money-saving-gardening-tips.imgcache.rev1304955033599Money Saving Tips on Gardening


1. Bugs be gone

Forget expensive bug zappers and pesticides. Hang a fabric softener sheet adjacent to — but not touching — outdoor light fixtures to keep flying insects like mosquitoes and moths away. They hate the scents generated when the softener sheets are heated.

2. Keep deer away

Pouring or spraying a “rotten egg” cocktail around your plants will keep deer from eating them. Just mix six raw eggs in two gallons of water and let it sit outside for a week. The smell will keep Bambi at bay. (more…)