10 Money-Saving Beauty Tips

buety10 Money-Saving Beauty Tips

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Is the shaky economy making you think twice about how you spend your money? You better! But that shouldn’t hold you back from looking fabulous. We talked to a celebrity makeup artist, hairstylist, and dermatologist to find out how to look like a million bucks, while only spending a few pennies. Here’s the scoop on how to save money when you’re out shopping for beauty products and how to make the most of what you already have!

Get A Free Bang Trim
Did you know that you could probably get your bangs trimmed for free? “I don’t charge my clients for a bang trim if I did their original haircut,” explains Theodore Leaf, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist, whose clients include Taylor Swift and Heather Morris(at left). Ask your stylist what his bang touch-up policy is and, if it’s not free, it’s probably only a nominal fee. (more…)

25 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

fabulous25 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

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It seems as though every time a beauty product runs out in our arsenal, we realize that nearly all of our products are either empty or low. You know how it goes: You then go to the store and end up spending way more than you’d initially planned. This is always frustrating because beauty products can really put a dent in your wallet. We don’t mind splurging every so often, but when it comes to basics, it is nice to be able to save some money. (more…)

30 Money-Saving Beauty Tips

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Budget beautistas, gather round! It’s understood that even when you’re trying to be frugal with your funds, looking good is not to be sacrificed. So we’ve scoured our makeup bags, bathrooms, and even our kitchens to find you the most innovative beauty tricks so you can keep your money in your pocket. (more…)

Beauty and the Budget Money Saving Beauty Tips

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Find out how to look your best – and stick to your budget – with these five money-saving beauty tips.

1. Make Products Work Double-Duty
The beauty industry would like us to buy a different product for every body part and use, but most of the items in your makeup stash can pull a double duty. Some easy ways to shave pennies off your beauty budget include:
-Don’t buy eye cream – a gentle face moisturizer can also be used under your eyes (though moisturizer with sunscreen may irritate very sensitive skin).
-Forget about buying eyeliner. With a small, angled brush and a little water, your eyeshadows can work as eyeliner, instead.
-Got a stick of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or a tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve? You can use these products as a lip balm, frizz tamer, skin smoother and blemish healer.
-Put that jar of Vaseline to work as lip gloss and much more. (more…)

How to save money on beauty products

Affordable-Beauty-ProductsHow to save money on beauty products

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The cost of makeup, skincare products, haircare items and other beauty products can really add up. However, you don’t have to go broke to look beautiful. Follow these simple to tips to save money on beauty products.

Shopping online is your best bet to save money on cosmetics and other beauty products. Comparison shop and use retailers such as drugstore.com and strawberrynet.com. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Beauty Products

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1. Long-lasting lipstick

When your lipstick reaches the top of the tube, apply it with an inexpensive lipstick brush. Or scoop the remains into a clean jar, perhaps mixing it with other shades for a new color or adding a dab of petroleum jelly for gloss.

2. Soften up

The best and cheapest moisturizers are petroleum jelly and shortening. Just rub the product on your feet at night and wear a pair of cotton socks to bed. (more…)