15 Tips to Save on Valentine’s Day

valentines15 Tips to Save on Valentine’s Day

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The sexiest way to save on Valentine’s Day? Do the seemingly impossible: spend less and get more. MoneyTalksNews.com shares 15 ways to pull it off.


What you need to know first: The best red roses are ice cold. “If the product is outside of a cold chamber, which is 32 to 36 degrees, they lose life for every minute they’re outside that cold,” warns Christine Boldt, executive vice president of the Association of Floral Importers (AFIF) Hence, this advice:

1. Never buy from the side of the road. They’ll only last a day or two, because roadside vendors don’t get the best product. “Those flowers are what we in the industry call seconds,” Boldt says. (more…)

First Person: Money Saving Tips for Valentines Day Flowers

valentinesFirst Person: Money Saving Tips for Valentines Day Flowers

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Listen up, Guys. Valentines Day will be here before you know it and you’re going to be in the market for some flowers for your sweetheart. Sure you can stop by the closest florist and spend half your pay check on an arrangement. Or you can save money on flowers and make your honey happy with these tips for buying Valentines Day flowers that will look great on February 14 and for quite a while after. (more…)

Valentines Day Money Saving Tips

valentinesValentines Day Money Saving Tips

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Money is tight…. but don’t let that get in the way, save.co.uk have some tips for you:

Go local
Want to spice your Valentine’s Day with something new, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Check out your local community’s events – museum events, films, exhibits, walking tours, free classes, etc. Think outside the box! Just because you aren’t an expert sculptor and have two left feet doesn’t mean you and your partner wouldn’t have a blast trying pottery or ballroom dancing classes. (more…)

5 money saving tips for Valentine’s Day

valentineimage5 money saving tips for Valentine’s Day

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To help you through Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, here are five tips to make your Valentine’s Day special without the price tag– now that’s a real gift!

1. Make a Gift-giving Budget and Stick to it. As a couple, you should set expectations to how much you each will spend on gifts for one another. Whether you want to splurge on your sweetie or show how much you care with a DIY gift, make sure to set a budget and expectations so there’s no disappointment come Valentines day. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Valentine’s Day

images (57)Valentine’s Day Money Saving Tips

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1. Write a Love Letter

Instead of buying a greeting card, write a love letter. And if you lack the poetic gene, start your letter with a borrowed poem and then just state your feelings. It will be much more meaningful to your loved one than a signed greeting card. (more…)