How to Save Money on Electricity

electricbillHow to Save Money on Electricity


Check to see if you can get a better contract, or make payments based on average monthly cost. Visit and read everything again and again.
Determine how much electricity you use. Use the monthly electric bills from the last year to calculate an approximate value.
(If possible) Compare different offers from electrical companies; choose the one that is the cheapest (lowest cost per kilowatt hour).
Find out if there is an OFF-PEAK time of the day when the rate is lower and use that time for most electricity needs (e.g. running washing machine, dish washer, or cooking). This will likely require additional costs for special metering hardware to track usage during those times. (more…)

7 Money Saving Tips on your Electric Bill

kilowatt7 Money Saving Tips on your Electric Bill


ore money saving tips… Chevrat hachashmal has a monopoly on the electric market in Israel. Electricity is one of the most essential amenities. Most of us have 5-10 appliances plugged in constantly, and probably many more that are used on a semi-regular basis. However, with money saving in mind there are ways to keep the electricity bills down, which is good for the both the environment and your pocket. (more…)

How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

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Did you know that your heating and air-conditioning system sucks up most of the energy that you pay for?

No matter if you own or rent your home, here are 10 ways to cut your energy bills and save money during the summer: (more…)

Energy saving tips to reduce your power bill

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Are you recovering from a huge power bill? The good news is that you don’t have to be an environmental scientist to save energy. You just need a few tips to get you started – and soon, you’ll be saving on that annual power bill!
Look for signs that you may be using more energy than you really need. Leaving power on in unused rooms, soaring electricity bills and wearing shorts in the middle of winter are probably real giveaways! Cut a little energy and you’ll be saving money in no time. (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Electricity

energy-saving-tipsHow to use less electricity Money-saving tips


Use our tips to save money on your energy bills
Using less energy isn’t just better for the environment – it will save you money. The average household could save between £150 and £300 per year by installing energy-efficient measures, according to The Energy Saving Trust. (more…)