Saving at the Supermarket: 15 Great Grocery Shopping Tips

grocerySaving at the Supermarket: 15 Great Grocery Shopping Tips


Kris and I went grocery shopping this weekend. We stopped at Bob’s Red Mill — a local health-food store — to use some “buy one, get one free” coupons. “You can get anything you want,” Kris told me, “except hot cereal.”

“Why can’t I get hot cereal?” I asked. “I love hot cereal.”

“I know,” Kris said. “But you buy it all the time. You buy it faster than you eat it. Just last week, you bought another box of that blueberry oatmeal from Trader Joe’s. You never remember what we have at home. You need to shop with a list.” (more…)

20 Tips For Saving Money On Groceries

groceries20 Tips For Saving Money On Groceries


Shop On Non-Peak Days: Know what days of the month are busiest for shopping, I find the prices tend to be average to high on those days since the stores don’t have to work hard to bring in shoppers (there are some great price leaders, but overall prices aren’t great). Paydays, government check mailout days (like social assistance, family allowance, retirement checks), holiday long weekends, the 1st, 15th and 31st (or last day of the month), Fridays, Saturdays are all days in my area that are busiest for grocery shopping. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not only less busy, I find items are marked at much better deals and pricing (if they don’t fall on the no-nos listed above). Plus if you don’t get to the grocery store early enough on high traffic days, the stores are crazy busy and pickings are slim with the deals scooped up long before you arrive…not as many product choices. Your area may operate differently with store pricing cycles, so take some time to track. (more…)

7 Money-Saving Tips to Cut Your Grocery Food Bill By $30 a Week

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Save money at the grocery store with these 7 food swaps.
Most people want to save money without cramping their style. So instead of making sweeping changes to your budget, it helps to start small. If you spend a lot of money on food, and good food is pretty important to you, here are a few easy food swaps that will save $30 a week on groceries.

1. Swap Tofu for Meat
Let’s face it, meat is expensive. So why not try tofu instead? It sounds sort of ridiculous, but tofu can be marinated, grilled and sautéed—just like steak can. It has a real knack for sucking up flavors, so cooking it with something bold (like barbecue sauce, for example) can give your taste buds a real jolt without you feeling like you’re missing out. Of course, you wouldn’t swap tofu for meat every night, but using this swap once a week will save you some serious dough.
Money Saved: $8.75 (more…)

Save Money at the Supermarket

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Food prices have been going up, and Sara Moulton, a chef, cookbook author and TV host, says she has started making different choices at the grocery store to lower her tab. Sara, host of PBS’ Sara’s Weeknight Meals and Food Network’s Sara’s Secrets, shares advice that will keep your family well fed without breaking the bank.

Eat Less Meat
Animal-based protein is expensive and, depending on the cut, contains a fair amount of saturated fat, which Sara says is not healthy. “I am not saying give it up; I am just saying to treat more like a flavoring and less like the center-of-the-plate item,” she says. (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Groceries

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When I was in my twenties, I didn’t care how much I would spend at the grocery store. When the shelves of my refrigerator or pantry became bare, I would simply drive to the nearest store and put whatever items looked appetizing into my cart. I rarely prepared home-cooked meals, and would need to run to the store to get an ingredient or two if I did have an inkling to cook something.
It wasn’t until a few years ago when I got married and my husband and I began to manage our money as a married couple that I began to see the errors of my ways. As we formed a budget for our household, I realized that our grocery and food spending was out of control. I had no methodology to shop on a budget, nor did I know of any strategies to save money. Therefore, it became my personal mission to decrease our grocery spending.
There are numerous, simple ways that anyone can save money on groceries. Here are 20 tips that I have implemented to shave my grocery bill by 50% or more! (more…)