7 Big Ideas to Save Your Business Money

savemoneybusiness7 Big Ideas to Save Your Business Money

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1. Drill down into the facts and figures
If you want to identify ways to save your business money, it is going to take a lot more than just a summary. You need detailed financial records so that you or a financial advisor can see where your business is wasting money or being inefficient.

2. Understand how your business operates
You should be able to report on various business metrics that have an impact on your ability to operate. Do you know how many units you have sold in the past week or how much overtime was needed to complete the last big order? These are all things that you should be able to produce if asked. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Large Business

FE_DA_0526brink.moneyMoney Saving Ideas for a Large Business

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Layoffs and Restructuring

One of the biggest ways a large business can cut costs and save money is by laying off employees in departments that are inefficient or under-performing and restructuring so that workers are employed in departments that provide a higher return on investment. After tracking and analyzing financial data, many businesses realize they would be able to produce the desired level of work with fewer employees. Data analysis also may show that another department is providing the majority of the company’s revenue and should receive a greater share of investment. This data needs to be consistently monitored to ensure a business is investing its time and money in the most profitable areas. (more…)