Money Saving Party Tips with a Twist

savingpartyMoney Saving Party Tips with a Twist





Want to shake those winter blues? There’s no better remedy than pulling together some food and friends for a little soiree. If you spent a bundle on the holidays and that tax return is too far off to count on, you can still host a delightful diversion with a few inexpensive party ideas, courteous of (more…)

6 money-saving tips for summer parties

partysaving6 money-saving tips for summer parties


Fun in the summertime: Keep it simple
The No. 1 rule to cut the cost of summer entertaining? Make sure it’s easy.

“It’s all about your friends and the sun,” says Peter Callahan, owner of New York-based Callahan Catering and co-author of “Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates You Can Make for Any Party.”

“I think that a great approach is (to) keep it simple, and keep it reasonable,” he says.

And that goes double for the menu.

Instead of slabs of meat, let “your protein be a supplement to the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits,” says Lucinda Scala Quinn, host of the Hallmark Channel’s “Mad Hungry” and author of “Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys.” (more…)

Money Saving Tips For Party Planning

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Here are five Money Saving Tips For Party Planning. Planning parties can be a lot of pressure especially when you have a tight budget. Here are five money saving tips to party planning to help you stretch your budget and save big!

Tip #1 – Plan your menu using your stockpile. When it comes to planning your menu for parties plan around what you already have in your stockpile. If you have hot dogs, brownie mix and cream cheese then you should try to incorporate those ingredients into your menu plan. I also stockpile items for party planning. I stockpile 2 liters, brownie and cake mixes, icing, chips, crackers, cheese, cream cheese, salami, gold star chili as all of these items make great appetizers. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Kids' Birthday Parties

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Learn easy ways to save on your child’s annual festivities

The phrase “birthday party” is barely off a mom’s lips before she’s spent $200. Planning your child’s birthday party doesn’t naturally seem to lend itself to money saving tips and tricks since no one wants to cut corners on their child’s special day. Fortunately, there are many great ways to save money without taking the fun out of the party. (more…)

Money Saving Party Ideas

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Set a Budget

Don’t even begin to plan your party before you decide on your budget. Decide how much money you can afford to spend on your party – then stick to it. The total budget will help you decide on the style of party you can host, and will protect you from that after-party budget hangover.

Don’t Mail Invitations

Send email invitations instead. Besides saving on the expense of a purchased invitation card, with the cost of postage seemingly increasing every other month, it makes good sense to turn to electronic invitations for all but the most formal events. The added benefit of using online invitation sites is that they will help you to manage your responses. (more…)