Saving tips for teens

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For many parents, talking about money with their teenagers begins and ends with “How much do you need?” Kids want to learn, and they would like to learn from their parents and have them as role models. We realize that oftentimes parents are at a loss knowing what to teach their kids or how to go about it, so we’ve developed some helpful tips that will assist you along the way: (more…)

9 indispensable money tips for teens

teenagers9 indispensable money tips for teens


Learn how to cook. Cooking is a basic life skill that everyone should learn. That’s because when you’re just starting out on a tight budget, cooking at home is the perfect recipe for saving money. And, Matthew, keep this in mind: It’s a proven fact that 99.42756% of all females love men who can whip up dinner without the aid of a microwave oven. (more…)

Top Money-Saving Tips for Tweens and Teens

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If you have normal tweens or teens, they probably stick in their earbuds the second they hear you and your significant other talking about the current economy. But as you tighten your home budgets, it’s more important now than ever to set your kids straight when it comes to personal money management. Here are some effective ways to set your kids on the road to their own financial responsibility. (Now all you have to do is get those earbuds out of their ears!) (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Teens

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Whether you get a regular allowance, have a part-time job, or your parents give you money whenever you ask, you’ve no doubt figured out by now that if you spend that money impulsively, you often find your wallet or purse empty when you really need or want something.

So, to help you take good care of your money (which translates into taking good care of yourself), here are some savings tips especially designed for you.

Savings Tips for Teens

The first thing to “get” is that to always HAVE money, you have to pay ATTENTION to it. If you don’t, it’s gone quicker than the checkout person can say, “Is that cash or credit?” (more…)

Ten of the best … money tips for teenagers

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Ten of the best … money tips for teenagers
Money is a passport to an easier and more comfortable life, says Jonathan Self, so it pays to learn how to deal with it. Here are 10 tips from his book The Teenager’s Guide to Money

1.The sooner you start managing your money, the richer you’ll be

When you are young it is quite tempting to think there is no rush to manage your money; it is easy to imagine that you have plenty of time. But the longer you leave it the more difficult it will be. Suppose you want to have savings of £10,000 on your 30th birthday:

You could save 78p a day from the age of 13
You could save £4.47 a day from the age of 25
You could save £27 a day from the age of 29

Every day counts when it comes to making the most of your money, and it is never too early to begin. (more…)