catownersTop 5 Money Saving Tips For Cat Owners


Cut the cost of pet care – it wasn’t so expensive even a few years ago, now increased commercialism is making keeping a cat or dog almost unaffordable. You can go back to basics and a trip down memory lane will keep your cat costs low:

Top tip No.1 – make your own cat litter with paper – a thick wad of the latest news in the bottom of the litter tray and then fine shredded paper on top. We’ve never known a cat not like this home made litter and it’s easier to dispose of too. In past days people used to make their own litter trays – a wooden box or tin tray – and then put a scoop of sand, earth or ashes from the fire in.

Top tip No.2 – Forget buying cat beds – your pet will like a cardboard box so much more. You can cut doors and windows in them if you have a playful kitten. Sometimes the smaller the box the better your cat will like squashing up inside! The best thing about them is they are free. Recycle when they’re tatty and get another one.

Top tip No.3 – Cut old clothes up for bedding – the back of a fleece jacket makes a lovely pet blanket. Also you can often buy roll-end pieces of fleece on the market. Why buy expensive beds? Your cat will like one you’ve cut up for her just as much.

Top tip No.4 – Feed natural – it’s cheaper to buy a portion of mince than factory made cans and pouches because it goes further. Your cat needs a ‘mouse’ shaped portion only so a small tray of mince will make several servings. Pop some in the freezer if there’s too much to use at once. Chicken, lamb, fish, rabbit – all are good food for our feline friends, buy the cheapest cuts only and feed raw or cook when you have the oven on for something else. Cats like meat fresh so they won’t eat it if it’s going off. Remember – it’s not so many years ago that there wasn’t such a thing as manufactured cat food and pets were healthier then than they are now.

Top tip No.5 – Why buy plastic pet dishes? They’ve been factory made and plastic is from the petrochemical industry. A nice china saucer is better. Get them from the market or car boot, odd saucers are usually only a few pence to buy. They are easier to clean, a nasty residue can linger on plastic which is prone to getting scratched. A saucer for milk (goat’s milk not cow’s which upsets cats) and a tea plate for main meals and your cat will be happy. The deep plastic and stainless steel dishes don’t suit her so well because her whiskers catch on the edges. Cats like flat serving bowls for their food.

Your economy measures will not only save you money, they’ll help save our beautiful Planet Earth too. Although the disgraceful squandering of rescources by us humans might mean it’s almost too late.