6 tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget

entrepreneurs6 tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget

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Even if you have a great plan for a business, it takes more than an idea to effectively run one.
From money management to administration, many factors go into making a business well rounded, and the foundation of a successful business is money. Although many may think that business owners need truckloads of money to get started, there are numerous ways to create a business on a strict budget. (more…)

Six Money-Saving Tips For Entrepreneurs

entrepreneursSix Money-Saving Tips For Entrepreneurs




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I remember cutting coupons, negotiating lower rates, and finding every possible way I could to save money when I was a younger entrepreneur. I always needed cash for the next investment or business idea. Even after experiencing some success, I still find resources to save an extra 10 to 20 percent. Whether you’re a struggling entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 executive, there are bottom-line-enhancing resources that are just a click away. (more…)

5 Money Saving Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs5 Money Saving Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

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Despite the rise of the lean startup, crowdfunding sites and inexpensive software, there are still many business that never get off the ground simply because they lack sufficient capital.

Saving money and generating capital to start a business is tough and we’ve all heard stories about famous entrepreneurs working out of their bedrooms and barely scraping by when they were just getting started.

That’s why being frugal and spending money prudently from the outset makes considerable sense for the following reasons: (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

images (89)Money Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

Businessmen always need money for the next venture or business idea. Even after going through major achievements, they will find resources to save an extra 10 to 20 percent. The following are some tips in enhancing a business line that are just a click away.

1. Membership Sites

Membership sites are excellent way to save money because they generally negotiate with organizations for cheap prices. A fantastic example of this is ABNSave.com. This site gives you the chance to leverage what bigger business have in store thru promo codes, pre-negotiated offers, and connections with reliable organizations like Hertz and Office Depot ODP +3.36%. This way, you can get important savings on stuffs like resorts and shipping, and you do not have to spend time looking for offers. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs

download (1)Entrepreneurs Share Their Money Saving Tips

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Smart Ways to Cut Costs

Bloomberg.com asked notable entrepreneurs, including panelists at Bloomberg Link’s 2011 Empowered Entrepreneur conference in New York, what they do in their professional or personal lives to cut costs. After all, new businesses bleed cash. Entrepreneurs have to get creative at cutting corners by necessity.

Click ahead to learn how these cash connoisseurs save money with tactics ranging from strategic schmoozing to scooping up space from recently failed businesses. Oh, and one novel strategy from mogul Felix Dennis: how to save millions (yes, millions) on birthday gifts and parties. (more…)