mobileappsTop Money-Saving Apps on iPhone and Android


ant ideas on how to save money and track your expenses? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are more than 400 of them! So how to choose the one that’s right for you? The new search engine Mobilewalla ranks and recommends the best apps throughout the entire mobile app universe. Here are Mobilewalla’s current picks for the top five money-saving apps on the iPhone and Android.


Ace Budget Lite (free)
Track spending and create daily, weekly, monthly, and annual budgets.

Ask Dave Ramsey (free)
Inspired by Ramsey’s popular radio show, this app teaches how money works for you. Search hundreds of questions and answers by category and share content with friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Budget (99 cents)
Track your spending and keep to a budget. You can easily see your total income and expenses, plus what specific items you are over budget on.

Money 4.0 (free)
Money 4.0 keeps track of your budget, income, and expenses, and also monitors your bank, debit, and credit card accounts. What’s more, you can send reports to your email, or export data in spreadsheet form.

Pic2Shop (free)
Scan bar codes with your iPhone and compare prices instantly.

Save Benjis (99 cents)
Compare prices on your iPhone for millions of products in hundreds of stores.


Abukai Expenses (free)
Tired of compiling expense reports? Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road (or when you’re back in the office), and Abukai will create a report and send it to you via email as an Excel spreadsheet, with your receipt images attached in a PDF.

Money Tips (free)
Get great money-saving tips to help you improve your cash reserve.

My Budget Cut (99 cents)
Tracks your balances and expenditures. Enter receipts and assign each transaction to a category.

Personal Budget Droid (free)
This app lets you customize all your categories of spending, set budgets, and review transactions.

Source: Mobilewalla