runningTop 10 Ways to Save Money on Running Shoes


There are several ways to save money on running shoes:

1. Know what type of shoe you need. Use a tool like Road Runners Sports’ Shoe Dog or Runners World’s Running Shoe Finder to determine which models are best for you.

2. Look for lower priced shoes that will work for you. Often, you can find shoes for $85 or less that are just as good as shoes priced at $130.

3 Determine the current price for these shoes. Do a Google Product Search or a NexTag search to find out what the price range and trend is for these shoes.

4. Keep an eye out for sales. If you see a shoe that works for you at a good price, buy it. You can also set up a NexTag price alert to send you an email when the price on a particular shoe drops below your target price.

5. Look for models that are being discontinued. For example, if the Asics GEL-Cumulus 11 has just been introduced, see it there are any Asics GEL-Cumulus 10′s on sale at a good price.

6. Hit the manufacturers outlets. Several of the shoe manufacturers, including Nike, have outlets where you may be able to pick up shoes at a good price.

7. Join a team or running club. Many teams and running clubs have negotiated discounts with stores. Check with your coach or club for more info.
Join a store loyalty club, like Road Runner’s Run America Club VIP program or Fleet Feet’s Personal Rewards program.

8. Monitor the wear on your shoes and buy the ones that last the longest.

9. Keep your shoes in good shape. Make sure that they dry out thoroughly between runs. Be careful when washing them. It can shorten their life. If you are going to dry them in a dryer, use a drier rack so that they don’t get wedged against the drum. I use an electric shoe dryer to keep my shoes dry (and sometimes to warm them up before winter runs). They cost about $25.

10. Of course, money isn’t everything. You should make sure that the shoe you buy is right for you. You don’t want to save $5 on a shoe that contributes to a running injury. That’s not a good buy.