mobileappsmoneysaving10 Essential Money-Saving iPhone Apps


1. Quicken

Existing Quicken users as well as newbies will no doubt find this simple but handy app the ideal way to check financial accounts on the go. Track your financial goals, monitor account activity and even find an ATM.

Cost: Free

2. BillMinder

One of the most popular bill tracking apps out there, the interface is simple, sleek and easy to use. Plus, you can back up your data and export via e-mail for added peace of mind. Enable push notifications to make sure you never miss a due date.

3. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa offers both in-store coupons (just show the entry at checkout) as well as exclusive deals just for users. You can search by category or store name, locate merchants closest to you, and even e-mail coupons to your friends. (Disclosure: the author is the founder of Coupon Sherpa.)Also check out Yowza!! Mobile Coupons and Coupon Cabin.

Cost: Free

4. Grocery Gadget Shopping List

Scribbling down grocery lists is so 2006. Meticulous shoppers can now download apps to manage their grocery needs, ensuring every discounted item is accounted for. This one allows users to upload and share lists while offering additional frugal options like price comparisons and coupons.

Cost: $4.99

5. Dinner Spinner

A godsend for foodies. Spun off from the hugely popular website, it offers quick access to thousands of recipes complete with directions, photos and user reviews. Try the “spinner” and find yourself a new favorite dish. Tips not required.

Cost: Free

6. Mixology

Instead of fighting the crowds for a $14 martini, home-based mixologists can entertain friends hassle-free. Mixology features 7900+ recipes and a fun “liquor cabinet” feature to manage your whole inventory. Charge a cover at your next shindig, and you’re back in the black!

7. Maps

The only native app (though based on Google Maps) on our list is a no-brainer for anyone who relies on public transportation. Integrating directions, schedules, traffic and more into this mega-app, you’ll find the closest, fastest, and most importantly cheapest route with ease.

Cost: Free

8. Gas Buddy

Drivers can use this to find the cheapest filling stations nationwide. With prices varying as much as 20% (even in the same city) this could mean big savings. Get distance, directions and time estimates to each location. Just stay off that phone when you’re behind the wheel!

Cost: $2.99

TextFree Unlimited

This is an interesting option for those looking to completely eliminate a portion of their monthly phone bill. Be aware, this app must be open in order to receive a text, and certain features from the native iPhone version are unavailable. For light users, though, this could be a good alternative.

Cost: $5.99

10. Skype

Already a popular desktop application for placing worldwide voice calls over the Internet, now Skype has an iPhone app that many feel delivers an even clearer connection. Calls between Skype users are free, and peanuts to landlines or cell phones. If you have international friends and family, this could save you a bundle.