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Buy Used Jewelry Instead Of New

At the beginning of our relationship, my husband would buy me one nice piece of jewelry for Christmas. When we actually married, we couldn’t afford to buy a brand new engagement ring. I found one I loved at a pawn shop for $500, and it appraised for $3500. My husband always wanted to upgrade me to something nicer.

On our 5 year anniversary, he did! A good friend introduced him to a local jeweler. They also buy back jewelry from people. Because they can buy it back cheaper, they can sell it cheaper. Spending the money he’d been saving, my husband was able to buy me an engagement ring valued at 3 times what he paid.

It is a beautiful ring and I love it! I frequently receive compliments on it. Now all of my jewelry is bought from the same jeweler. I have nice things to pass on to my children at a fraction of the cost.

Repairing Costume Jewelry

You can re-surface/spiff up costume jewelry using colored nail polish. I just touched up the worn gilding on a vintage pendant using gold-colored polish. I have also used auto touchup paint.

You can do the same with worn silver-colored pieces or even colors. I touched up a chipped 60’s enamel pin with colored nail polish, too. Now that polish comes in so many colors, it’s easier and cheaper than ever.

Check Thrift Stores For Jewelry Deals

Some of the prettiest jewelry, can be purchased at thrift stores for less than pennies on the dollar. If you discover a bracelet or necklace with a missing link or a lost clasp, a few moments can repair them like new. Inexpensive findings (links and clasps) can be purchased at craft stores, or on line at jewelry supply sites.

In many instances, the people at the thrift store will let you have those pieces for twenty five or fifty cents, because to them it is merely a broken piece of jewelry. They do not have the time to worry about them, and are glad to be rid of them.

Inexpensive Jewelry

Try consignment shops, pawn shops, and the local thrift shops and Dollar Stores for inexpensive jewelry. I have a pre-teen and these are the cheapest places that I go.

Recycle Buttons Into Earrings

You can make fun and inexpensive earrings out of buttons. You’ll need a pair of cute buttons that attach to clothing with a shank, rather than flat buttons with 2-4 holes. Use wire cutters to remove the shank. File down any nubs left with a dremel tool if you have one, or an emery board.

You can purchase earring posts and backs cheaply at your local hobby store. Superglue earring posts to the backs of the buttons. Let them dry, and enjoy your new earrings!

Restoring Vintage Jewelry

A few years ago, vintage jewelry was much easier to find in places like thrift stores and much less expensive. Now what I can find for a reasonable price usually has some flaws. I get past that by restoring the pieces.

The worn finishes can be touched up with gold or silver nail polish.

I can brighten up pieces missing small rhinestones by using glitter glue, then applying silver glitter and removing the excess.

You can pry out old rhinestones (of the right size) from rhinestone buttons to replace larger missing stones in jewelry. Just glue in with superglue.

You can also replace broken pin backs with well-placed safety pins or pin backs from the craft store.

And, of course, you can fix broken links by using a pair of pliers!

Watch For Deals On Jewelry

I’ve found great deals on real jewelry like Seiko Watches for $1.99, only needed a battery. I’ve also bought pretty jewelry (not real gems) at the $1 store. It came with a necklace and earrings.