teensMoney Saving Tips for Tween and Teen Girls

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In this day and age it is very important to teach your young daughter the value of saving money early in life. Showing your tween or teen girl ways to save money when they are young will prepare them to enter adulthood on a steady financial footing. There are many money saving tips for tween and teen girls that you can show your daughter or granddaughter how to use in their everyday lives. From finding after school jobs to proper budgeting to savvy shopping, saving money is a lifestyle choice that should begin early on with young girls.

Before your teen or tween girl can begin saving their money they first need to find a source of income which is appropriate for their age. For girls in their high school years, babysitting is a classic way of earning extra cash which is perfect for a young woman. Babysitting teaches a sense of responsibility and allows a girl to begin providing for themselves in a practical manner. Help your teen girl organize a small babysitting business by contacting your own friends who have small children. Once your daughter or granddaughter begins working for her own money she will soon gain an appreciation for saving money.

Staying fashionable can easily become the top priority for many tween and teen girls and as a parent you will be forced to decide between fancy brand names and your bottom line. Do your best to show your daughter or granddaughter that she can find attractive, popular outfits without breaking the bank. Discount outlet stores like Ross cater to young women who want to wear the most stylish clothes while still maintaining a sensible budget. Take your tween or teen girl shopping and show her the beautiful dresses and blouses that can be found by staying diligent. Secondhand vintage clothing stores such as Buffalo Exchange are also great places to find unique, elegant clothing for a fraction of the price found at the mall. These stores specialize in providing one of a kind, classic apparel which is perfect for today’s retro minded generation, and through the power of hand me downs many amazing outfits can be bought on a realistic allowance.

While parenting has evolved throughout the years, traditions like giving your child an allowance have endured. Providing your tween or teen girl with a weekly allowance in exchange for doing chores or maintaining high grades is a great way to show them the value of saving money. When an adolescent is responsible for the own finances, even if those finances total only $5 or $10, they naturally develop economic skills and an appreciation for the value of a dollar. Encourage your tween or teen girl to earn their own money and spend it wisely because soon they will be on their own and these lessons will prive invaluable. With the country still recovering from the effects of an extended recession, you never start teaching your young girl to begin saving their money and budgeting wisely.