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Save money when you are at school
With the new school year underway, you may already be worrying about all the things you need to buy in preparation for the year ahead. If you have children at school, this cost may rise to several thousands of pounds.

At Teachers Assurance, we also know that most teachers would also like to save some money now for things they’d like to do or buy in the future.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five money saving tips to help you cut the cost.

1. Lift share into work

Ask around in the staffroom to see if there are any other teachers at school who live nearby. Sharing car journeys into work is not only good for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint; it’ll save you money on fuel costs too. What’s more, some larger towns or cities have dedicated lanes for car sharers, so you can whizz past the traffic in the morning (and still enjoy a lie in)

2. Take a packed lunch to school rather than buying lunch in the canteen

It may sound like an obvious idea but bringing in your own lunch can save you a surprising amount of money each week. Preparing a lunch at home is not just cheaper either; you’re more likely to make healthier choices with your packed lunch than if you were to buy your lunch in the canteen when you’re hungry

3. Buy your classroom supplies online

A lot of teachers buy additional classroom supplies with their own money; particularly if they’re working with their pupils on a special project. Always look online first before handing over your hard-earned wages in a shop. You’re much more likely to find a bargain with cheap or free postage and packing costs

4. Use your local library when planning lessons

Although Amazon is the go-to online bookseller these days, when you’re looking for a particular reference or text book, try your local library first. The first port of call for the avid money saver: if it’s not in stock, it can always be ordered from a neighbouring branch. Visit www.whichbook.net to find a book and check it’s available at your local library

5. Repair and mend clothes rather than buy new

Impress your colleagues and pupils, by demonstrating your make do and mend skills. Teachers want to look smart and professional but that doesn’t mean they have to fork out for a new suit or smart clothes for work each term. Follow punk-turned-climate change activist, Vivienne Westwood’s motto of ‘Choose well, buy once, make it last’ and you’ll save hundreds of pounds of unnecessary clothing purchases

Lastly, if you have children, the Money Advice Service has created a fantastic list of money saving tips for parents. This comprehensive list of suggestions will help you send your children back to school without breaking the bank.