images (59)Parents’ Money Saving Tips


What better way to find out how families can save money than getting tips straight from the horse’s mouth?

We asked over 5,000 families (through a YouGov survey) how they were coping with the tougher economic climate. Some said they had to tighten their belts, others said it was nothing new – they’d always struggled financially and probably always will.

These are the things parents told us they are doing to save money …


Shop online – it makes it easier to stick to a budget.

Shop around – you don’t have to get everything from the same store.

Reusable nappies work out much cheaper and better for the environment.

Buy in bulk when possible.

Buy clothes from charity shops.

Make the most of store club cards that reward you with points.


Make your own bread.

Buy unbranded food.

Plan your meal calendar for the week and stick to a budget for it.

Take packed lunches instead of buying lunch or school meals.

Use cheaper cuts of meat.

Use garden/pots for growing vegetables.

Buy frozen veg – it works out cheaper and saves on lots of little trips to the shops hence avoiding spending temptation.

Low cost leisure time

Have film nights in instead of going to the cinema.

Car boot sales/jumble sales can be fun for the kids and raise a little extra cash for yourself too.

Investing in thermos flasks and picnic bags. That means you can take your own food with you and drinks with you when you go on outings with the kids.

Cutting travel costs

Get a Family railcard for a third off tickets for lots of journeys.

Find out about cycling proficiency classes for the kids and get cycling.

Car share on regular journeys like commuting or school run.

Cutting energy and fuel bills

Turn appliances off completely at night – not on standby.

Use extra blankets/clothes/hot water bottles for warmth.

Use the quickest wash on the washing machine.

Change lightbulbs for more energy efficient ones – and insulate your home.

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Tip 9: Is it Necessary to buy Vegetables Every day?

I tend to buy vegetables for one week each time. While arriving at home, pack them in some small bags. Take fish and green vegetables first. And then, beans, green peppers, celery etc can be eaten. In this case, different nutrition substances are taken. While having an idea about buying dishes for the next week, record it by your phone. Buy all of them during the weekend.

Tip 10: Some items cannot be Saved!

For sure, there are some items that cost you a lot and you cannot be thrifty on them. For example, high-quality toilet paper will be needed. Too much germ and even talcum powder are detected on low-quality paper. Similarity, females need great sanitary towels!