download (26)Money Saving Tips for Kids’ Birthday Parties


Learn easy ways to save on your child’s annual festivities

The phrase “birthday party” is barely off a mom’s lips before she’s spent $200. Planning your child’s birthday party doesn’t naturally seem to lend itself to money saving tips and tricks since no one wants to cut corners on their child’s special day. Fortunately, there are many great ways to save money without taking the fun out of the party.

Stick to cake and ice cream
Fruit and veggie trays, sandwich fixings or pizza orders quickly add up. Instead, stick to cake and ice cream for the party. Plan your child’s birthday party in the afternoon, after lunch but before dinner, and be sure to mention the words “cake and ice cream” on the invitation so no one expects a full meal.

Do it yourself
While it may seem easier to let a party location handle goody bags or food, or to head out and order a cake, you’ll end up spending more money and not saving yourself that much time. Make a cake the night before, have your child help with goody bags, and make lemonade instead of buying cases of soda. By doing things yourself that you might have paid someone else to handle, you’re sure to save money. These are money saving tips that go well beyond goody bags and refreshments — follow that do-it-yourself mindset in everything you do.

Skip the amusement parks
Instead of shelling out the big bucks for an amusement park or an indoor arcade or play place, consider a party at home. Renting a bouncy castle, putting out the Slip ‘n Slide or playing more traditional party games is substantially less expensive, yet still makes for a great birthday party.

Don’t invite your child’s whole class
This money saving tip is one of the quickest ways to trim your party bill. Having a large classroom-size birthday party might work for some families, but don’t feel pressured to make this a regular occurrence. Instead, allow one large birthday party for multiples of five (5th birthday, 10th birthday, etc.) and then keep other parties to three or four children. You can do more with the kids without spending a fortune.

Send home one small prize only
Goody bag gifts end up here, there and everywhere. Don’t waste your money on candy, small games and toys. Instead, pick one item that goes with the party’s theme and send that home instead. Are you having a Go, Diego, Go birthday party? Purchase a Beanie Baby to go along with the rain forest theme. Other moms will appreciate that you aren’t just sending home more clutter, and you will save money, too.
You don’t have to take the fun out of the birthday party to save money. With these money saving tips and by planning well and realizing that less can really be more, your child’s birthday party can be successful and affordable.