download (10)8 Tips for Saving Money at Halloween


1. Discount Candy. Amazon is offering $15 off orders of Nestle and Hershey products of $39 or more. Add in a cheap filler to get the order to $25 and you’ll get free shipping. If having candy in the house is too much temptation for you to graze on the leftovers, buy a candy that you don’t like!

2. Decorations. Lots of leaves in your yard? Pick up pumpkin trash bags to make frugal pumpkin decorations. Or paint your pumpkins with free stencils.

3. Dinner. Worried about fitting in dinner on a busy night with trick-or-treating? Make a big pot of award-winning steak chili for under $25 the day before and you’ll be all set to squeeze in bites between answering the door.

4. Costumes. To cut down on the cost of a costume, you may want to share with a friend who will trick-or-treat on a different night, hit the thrift shops, or trade with a friend. Find more money saving tips for kids Halloween costumes.

5. Cheap Crafts. We spent hours decorating with window clings, creating spiders made from black pipe cleaners and gluing foam pumpkins… total cost: $4.50. The best crafts double as decorations and you’re set.

6. Party Planning. A potluck is always a fun, frugal way to have a party. Many people don’t mind bringing a dish to pass, and you’ll save yourself from having to make more than the main dish. Have guests bring their pumpkins to carve and you’ll have a free, entertaining activity.

7. Pumpkins. Many pumpkin patches charge per pound. To find lighter pumpkins, make a rule in the family that each person must be able to carry their own pumpkin. Better yet, create a game that rewards the person who comes closest to a number you choose. Next year, skip the pumpkin patch and grow your own!

8. Traditions. Holidays are all about the traditions. It really doesn’t matter what you do, but if you do the same thing every year, your kids will anticipate your traditions. Make a frugal tradition early on and you’ll be all set.