MoShopping woman saving money in a piggy bankey Saving Tips on Beauty Products


1. Long-lasting lipstick

When your lipstick reaches the top of the tube, apply it with an inexpensive lipstick brush. Or scoop the remains into a clean jar, perhaps mixing it with other shades for a new color or adding a dab of petroleum jelly for gloss.

2. Soften up

The best and cheapest moisturizers are petroleum jelly and shortening. Just rub the product on your feet at night and wear a pair of cotton socks to bed.

3. Return it

Don’t waste money on beauty products that don’t do the job. Many merchants, including CVS, Rite Aid and Kohl’s, will take back, with a receipt, any cosmetics you don’t like, whether or not you’ve opened and tried them.

4. Stretch the soap Add a little water to near-empty shampoo, conditioner and even dish or laundry detergent bottles.

5. Eye-opening savings

To get a little more out of a tube of mascara, stand it in a glass of warm water.

6. Easy on the eyes

To eliminate puffiness around the eyes, instead of spending money on eye creams, use cucumber slices or cold, moist green tea bags.

7. There’s the rub

You’ll pay less for massages and other spa services if you go to a beauty or massage school where people are getting hands-on experience for certification.