download (7)Money Saving Ideas for Parents


Every penny counts when you have a family to take care of. So whether it’s pregnancy costs or pricey baby gear that’s getting you flustered about your finances, here’s the good news: Saving money can be surprisingly simple. Read on to pick up smart-savings strategies from WTE members who’ve got budgeting down to a science.

Search for Savings

“There are several stores that do not always advertise their online coupon codes. However, if I search in Google for “[Name of Store] Coupon Codes,” I often find several sites with codes to try.”

Buy Local

“Local produce from the grocery store or farmer’s market is often less expensive and healthier — the farther something has to be transported, the less fresh it is by the time it finally hits store shelves. Even better, grow your own veggies. It takes only pennies to purchase seeds, and it’s a great way to get family involved in a fun, healthy outdoor gardening adventure.”

Go DIY on Supplies

“Have you ever actually kept track of how much you spend on different cleaning supplies? It can really add up! So when I found out that you can make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1/2 gallon of water together, I did just that. It saved me a ton of money, made me feel better about my impact on the environment, and kept my house smelling fresh and clean.”

Get the Best Credit Card

“If you choose to carry credit cards, make sure they are ones that offer you some sort of benefit. The main card that I use deposits a percentage of my purchases into my children’s 529 (college savings) account. The other store cards that I carry either offer me a discount right off the top of my purchases or give me a percentage back.”

Have Free Family Fun

“There are several family activities you can do within your own city for free that can easily save you money. Consider these options instead of going shopping or taking your kids out to dinner. It can even be as simple as hosting a family game night at home making your own pizza.”

Stay a Step Ahead

“If you’re looking for a simple way to save money, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to plan ahead. I have so many lists on my phone that range from meal menus to clothing needs for my daughter over the next year. If I see end-of-season deals in next year’s size, I buy it. This lets me dress my daughter in Ralph Lauren and Gymboree for less than Kmart prices.”

Find the Best Deal

“There are so many deal sites out there now. You’re sure to find something you want (or need) at a really great price. Those sites have saved me so much money on birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and other things I need. You can also find local deal sites with bargains specific to the area you live in.”

Stock Up the Smart Way

“Contrary to popular belief, buying food items in bulk is not necessarily the best way to save money, especially on perishable foods. In the past, we would buy large quantities of fruits, vegetables, and frozen foods. When we didn’t eat them up fast enough, those fruits and veggies went bad. Buying what we need when we need it has helped us the most. Now we stock only up on nonperishable items, like toilet paper and soap.”