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Pewter has the look of silver without the cost. It is possible to find a large selection of pewter findings, components, and even casting grain from many jewelry vendors these days. While lead was once a common element of pewter, most modern day pewter does not contain lead. When in doubt, always ask the vendor about the alloys used in the pewter it sells. Pictured is the Filigree and Chunky Heart Pearl Necklace, which incorporates a large pewter pendant.

Brass, especially red brass, has a golden color to it, very similar to gold-filled metal. It is possible to buy all kinds of brass items from wire to findings to charms.

Mixing metals is also a good way to create a trendy look and have some pricier metal in a design without making the entire piece cost a lot. For example, in my Lacey Hematite and Crystal Heart Earrings project, I used sterling ear hooks and head pins mixed with gun metal heart components and chain.

Look for non-jewelry metal elements to use in your jewelry designs such as coins or even bottle caps. They can add some whimsy and cut considerably on the cost. I used leftover coins from a trip to Nassau to make my Bahamas Souvenir Penny Earrings.

Colored wire is a nice way to add some color to jewelry and it cost a lot less than precious metal wire. In my Memory Wrap Cuff Bracelet project, I used pink wire and memory wire.

The earth tone of copper is another good substitute when you want to use a yellow type of metal versus white. In my Courageous Copper and Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Necklace, I use copper wire to form a chain and connect beads with it.