furnitureHow to Save Money on Office Furniture: Top 5 Tips


Office furniture is another unavoidable necessity when it comes to your business. Not only will it make a first impression on any visiting clients, it is also important for making your workspace comfortable, professional and presentable. You only need to look at the price for a quality desk chair to realise how costly office furniture can be. Here are five tips on how to furnish your office cost-effectively without compromising on quality:

1. Research ­– as with any purchase for your office, make sure you know what’s out there so you can make an informed choice. Visit furniture outlets. Compare prices. Go online. Seek out competitive offers. Ask around for information and advice from colleagues or business partners who’ve done their research already.

2. Be wary of hidden costs – this tip isn’t new, but it’s always something to keep in mind. Look at the delivery costs and make sure you won’t be caught out by hidden expenses.

3. Negotiate a deal – check if there are any special offers going on your selected office furniture. It’s likely you will be buying more than one item, and big purchases generally reap discounts whether it comes off of your delivery costs or the retail price. The same advice applies to online shopping, where discounts may be made available to you upon asking. The clearance sections of furniture outlets can sometimes yield valuable results. Check for quality and judge it against the discount offered.

4. Go second-hand – if you’re not having any luck with new furniture, consider going for second-hand options. If businesses close down or relocate, they might be looking to on-sell their office furniture. Make sure it is in good condition and, as always, negotiate. Check out auction houses, garage sales or second-hand furniture stores too. You can also look at your local newspaper where used office furniture will frequently be advertised for sale at bargain prices.

5. Rent – if your office space is temporary or you’re not prepared to invest in permanent office furniture, scope out your rental options. Make sure this option suits your needs though, because rental payments can stack up and even exceed what might have been the cost of buying the office furniture if you require it long-term.