jewelryHow to Save Money on Jewelry





The investment in precious metal and stone jewelry can be one that keeps its value and even increases over time. The desire for good jewelry can still be realized if you know a few ways to save money when buying jewelry. The way to save on jewelry purchases is more about being smart with your source and careful to shop only from those trustworthy sellers. Real gold and precious stone jewelry must be authentically as advertised to be worth the money.

The first rule of getting more for your jewelry dollar is to avoid full price retail items. If you are in the market for diamond or real gold or platinum jewelry such as wedding bands, better prices will always be found at the wholesale diamond brokers who are near you or available on the web. Be aware of the current jewelry prices for the weight of the ring you seek, and you will see that the wholesaler can often mean savings of hundreds of dollars or more on each item.

Wholesale jewelry brokers may also be a site where you can sell your old, broken, or out of style gold and silver jewelry and that money can serve as partial payment for your new pieces bought from the same location.

Online auctions from reputable dealers can be another avenue to save money on the purchase of jewelry and when you are careful about the seller’s credentials, there is a bargain to be had.

If your jewelry bargains don’t need to be brand new, there are often wonderful quality and drastically reduced prices on pieces that were previously pawned or put up for consignment and you can find those from a specialty seller. These pieces are usually in very good condition and can be far below the retail cost of that same item brand new.

Aside from the wholesalers and auctions, the consignment and the pawn shops, you can find very good jewelry bargains at local retailers during their sale seasons. Closeouts of discontinued styles and the post-holiday stock reduction sales can mean deep discounts and great savings on jewelry which had sold for far more in the past.