download (32)Energy saving tips to reduce your power bill


Are you recovering from a huge power bill? The good news is that you don’t have to be an environmental scientist to save energy. You just need a few tips to get you started – and soon, you’ll be saving on that annual power bill!
Look for signs that you may be using more energy than you really need. Leaving power on in unused rooms, soaring electricity bills and wearing shorts in the middle of winter are probably real giveaways! Cut a little energy and you’ll be saving money in no time.

How to save money on heating:
-Set the heater to a comfortable 20°C.
-Invest in a programmable heater that turns its power on and off automatically.
-Rug up and choose to use heaters only on days minimum temperatures are 10°C or lower instead of 12°C and save between -$100 and $200 per year in running electricity costs.
-Use a heated throw instead of a portable space heater to keep warm when watching TV or reading. Energy running costs -will be less than 5 cents per hour compared to at least 23 cents per hour.

How to save money on cooling:
-Set your cooler to a comfortable 24°C.
-If you’re using air conditioning on hot days, close all blinds, curtains, windows and doors in the morning and open them -when it’s cooler.
-Dress in cool cottons and choose to use air conditioners only on days maximum temperatures are 30°C or higher instead of -28°C and save between $20 and $200 per year off your power bill.
-Use fans instead of air conditioners to cut electricity use down. The average fan costs less than 1 cent per hour to run while the smallest sized air conditioner about 12 cents per hour.

How to save money on hot water:
-Swap your existing showerhead for a more energy efficient, three star rated version.
-Install a heat pump, solar hot water system or convert an existing system to reduce hot water bills. You could save in -excess of $100 per year in electricity charges.

How to save money on lighting:
-Replace standard incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones – same light, less energy.
-The average household replacing 6 x 75 Watt incandescent with 15 Watt compact fluorescent lamps could save about $100 per year in electricity running costs and power bills.
How to save money running fridges and freezers:
-Keep thermostats at ideal temperatures:
-Fridge: between 2ºC and 6ºC
-Freezer: between -11ºC and -23ºC
-Take advantage of improved minimum energy performance standards – replace your antique refrigerator in the garage and -save about $150 a year in power running costs.

How to save money on clothes washing and drying:
-Front loading washing machines use around 60% less water and energy than top loaders.
-Switch to a sensor dryer that turns off automatically when the load is dry and conserve electricity.
-Line dry washing instead of using the clothes dryer and save about $1.00 per load off your bill.
-If you are an apartment dweller or regular dryer user, consider replacing your current dryer with new heat pump technology and halve your drying energy consumption.

How to save money on standby power:
-Turn appliances off at the wall when not in use and save up to 800 kWh and about $180 per year off your power bill – plus help the environment.