valentinesValentines Day Money Saving Tips


Money is tight…. but don’t let that get in the way, have some tips for you:

Go local
Want to spice your Valentine’s Day with something new, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Check out your local community’s events – museum events, films, exhibits, walking tours, free classes, etc. Think outside the box! Just because you aren’t an expert sculptor and have two left feet doesn’t mean you and your partner wouldn’t have a blast trying pottery or ballroom dancing classes.

Bring the romance to your home
Sometimes, it just makes sense to stay in and avoid the Valentine’s crowds. If you’re staying home, spice up your intimate date night by creating a theme. You can easily and cheaply create an Italian feast with a pasta meal, good value wine from the supermarket, some tea lights and a red and white tablecloth! Pick an Italian station on a free streaming music service and voila! You’re transported to Italy for the evening.

Save on stems
Most men know flowers are, well, one of the tickets to a woman’s heart. Before you pick the stems you want to give your sweetie, make sure to check for an online coupon first. Many flower sites offer special Valentine’s Day deals to help shoppers save money.

Skip dinner, go for dessert and drinks
If you really want to hit an expensive eatery on Valentine’s Day, but don’t have the budget to do so, think about heading there for a few drinks and dessert instead. That way, you can experience the romantic ambiance without breaking the bank.

Seek out restaurant deals
Whether it’s doing a quick Google search for local restaurants offering specials or checking out some voucher code sites, don’t even think of making reservations until you explore your savings options. While not every high-end, romantic restaurant will offer a deal for Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean dining bargains aren’t out there.

Get crafty
Between Etsy and Pinterest, the Internet is a boon for finding unique, DIY gift ideas. Rather than buying a cookie-cutter Valentine’s Day gift like chocolates, get creative and make something for your special someone. You may still have to buy supplies, but you’re less likely to spend an arm and a leg.

Get personal
While gifts like perfume and sweets are common, they aren’t particularly original and can be expensive. Think about making your other half a gift that fits his or her personality and doesn’t cost a lot of money, like a home-cooked meal or an hour-long massage.