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Compiled from student responses to the Money Saving Tips contest (brought to you by
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In order to save money here are some tips I use: instead of staying in all of the time you can try watching a DVD you own that you haven’t seen in a long time. You can also rent from a library or from Netflix, which are a lot less than going out to the movies. If you want to go out to a theater, go to the matinee. If you want to go to a concert, wait to buy your tickets, the last minute tickets are usually sold at cheaper prices. Lastly, instead of going out for dinner, try cooking a meal and having a few friends over. You can turn it in to a game night and then not only will it be cheap, but fun too. (more…)

Money Saving Ideas for Dining Out

eatingoutMoney Saving Ideas for Dining Out


Trying to cut down on household expenses this month? Dining out can take its toll on your wallet, so it’s likely that going out to eat isn’t at the top of your agenda. While cooking at home will save you money in the long run, it’s OK to treat yourself to a chef-prepared meal. Here are some great money saving ideas for dining out on a budget.

Order appetizers as a meal
Many restaurants serve up generous portions of appetizers and salads. These easily can be eaten as a main course, so don’t be afraid to choose from the “starters” menu if you see something you like. These items are usually priced much lower than entrees. Add a small house salad to make a complete meal. (more…)

How to Save Money on Cooking

coookingHow to Save Money on Cooking


Whether you have a new budget or you are looking for ways to save more money, the kitchen is a great place to start. Based on the way that supermarkets are set up, and advertisements, we are often driven to buy more expensive food over cheaper alternatives. If you are committed to cooking more efficiently, then you probably already know that eating at home, rather than at a restaurant saves money. You can save more money without making sacrifices on quality or taste by making these changes. Read more to find out how to save money on cooking. (more…)

Top Five Money Savings Tips for New Home Construction

constructionTop Five Money Savings Tips for New Home Construction


Save Big The Next Time You Build
Considering how fragile the economy is right now and how timid banks are to loan money for new homes I thought I’d share my experience with saving money on new home construction. It wasn’t that long ago when getting loans was really easy and building large homes was the trend. Today banks are less likely to fund new construction because of the premium costs associated with new construction. (more…)

Tips for saving money on your cell phone bill

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Are you eating Ramen noodles every night just to afford your cell phone bill? Never fear. Shrink your cell phone bill down to size with these simple tips that will save you money. (more…)

25 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare

health25 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare


Get discounts on prescriptions, negotiate with your doctor, bargain-shop for a health plan. In this economy, you need to take more control over your family’s medical bills. (more…)

Tips to Save Money on Family Vacations

vacationfamilyTips to Save Money on Family Vacations


With the country mired in a recession, many American families are looking for ways to cut back on expenditures and trim their budgets. At the same time, parents recognize the benefits of taking time off to relax with their kids—and to escape the economic malaise. Here are some tips to save money on much-needed getaways. (more…)

Saving tips for teens

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For many parents, talking about money with their teenagers begins and ends with “How much do you need?” Kids want to learn, and they would like to learn from their parents and have them as role models. We realize that oftentimes parents are at a loss knowing what to teach their kids or how to go about it, so we’ve developed some helpful tips that will assist you along the way: (more…)

Money saving tips for teachers

teachersMoney saving tips for teachers



Save money when you are at school
With the new school year underway, you may already be worrying about all the things you need to buy in preparation for the year ahead. If you have children at school, this cost may rise to several thousands of pounds.

At Teachers Assurance, we also know that most teachers would also like to save some money now for things they’d like to do or buy in the future.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five money saving tips to help you cut the cost. (more…)

Summer Money-Saving Tips

summervacationSummer Money-Saving Tips


The summer season is notorious for being a time of great spending. Chances are you’ve experienced the effects of this! Family vacations, sending the kids to camp, updating the wardrobe … the list could go on and on. You know what? It’s okay to spend money! Money’s fun … if you got some. (more…)