images (5)Saving Money on Sports Equipment for School


Get It Free, Cheap or Used

Free-cycle is where I would start. If that did not work, there is a really good store called Play It Again Sports. They buy gently used sporting goods and re-sell them. They also sell new items. We bought our daughter’s “kids size” tennis racket there for her lessons.

Big 5 is great too they always have sales on everything.

Play It Again Sports

My son 17 has been playing hockey for over 10 years. We bought all of his first set of used equipment at Play it Again sports. You can also sell some old or outgrown equipment to them to pay for the new stuff. Craigslist and Freecycle are also good ideas. Look for bulletin boards at the facilities they are playing. At our ice arena we have a bulletin board that people post used equipment for sale.

Ask Friends and Neighbors

Many people with growing kids have a garage full of outgrown or little used sports equipment. Ask around and you may be able to get many things on your list for free or cheap. Most people are glad to reclaim their storage space, not to mention help out someone you know.


Don’t forget to check eBay. It’s a good place to buy and sell sports equipment.