Six Best Money-Saving Apps and Sites

6-best-money-saving-websites-mainSix Best Money-Saving Apps and Sites


With the holidays quickly approaching and your list of who to buy for slowly getting longer, it doesn’t hurt to start saving your money and searching for sales before Black Friday rolls around. And with all the apps and coupon websites out there, it’s easier than ever to knock a few extra dollars off your big purchases. But see for yourself–from coupon sites to money-budgeting apps, these are six of our favorite ways to save.

17 Awesome Money Saving Apps

mobileapps17 Awesome Money Saving Apps


Am I the only one who is completely awed by the miracle of this little technological wonder called the Smart Phone? How can one little handheld device do so much? Besides being a stylish fashion accessory, my phone is simultaneously a camera, internet browser, radio, GPS, e-reader, and note-taker. It even turns into a flashlight, should I ever need it.
I will readily admit that with all the amazing features of these little gizmos there is a serious temptation to spend every waking moment staring at that little screen. That said, I still think there are too many helpful & money-saving apps available not to take advantage of at least some of them. (more…)

Top Money-Saving Apps on iPhone and Android

mobileappsTop Money-Saving Apps on iPhone and Android


ant ideas on how to save money and track your expenses? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are more than 400 of them! So how to choose the one that’s right for you? The new search engine Mobilewalla ranks and recommends the best apps throughout the entire mobile app universe. Here are Mobilewalla’s current picks for the top five money-saving apps on the iPhone and Android. (more…)

10 Best Apps for Money Saving Tips

images (77)10 Best Apps for Money Saving Tips


Everyone is looking for new money-saving tips, and everyone has their tricks and old standbys to achieve their saving goals, from loyalty programs to packing their lunch. But there’ve been an increasing number of technological changes that put new and exciting ways to save quite literally at your fingertips if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Android device or tablet like the iPad.

Pair these money-saving tips and the latest technology with good, old fashioned thrifty thinking to save money now: (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Mobile Apps

mobileappsmoneysaving10 Essential Money-Saving iPhone Apps


1. Quicken

Existing Quicken users as well as newbies will no doubt find this simple but handy app the ideal way to check financial accounts on the go. Track your financial goals, monitor account activity and even find an ATM.

Cost: Free (more…)