No matter how many times we say that “all they need is love,” the harsh reality is that dogs cost money. With more and more Americans struggling to make ends meet, dog owners are struggling to keep their dogs at home and out of animal shelters.

Here are some tips to help dog owners save money!

-Buy pet food in bulk; the larger the bag, the cheaper per ounce. You’ll pay more up front, but save money over time.
-Order food online through Amazon Subscribe & Save and get free shipping on regular monthly deliveries.
-If you’re eligible, apply for Pet Food Stamps to receive free pet food.
-A website called offers $10 off any $40+ scheduled order with the code “PFS,” plus free shipping on any delivery -schedule over $49+ (after discount).
-Consider feeding two small meals a day, instead of one large meal.
-Skip the store-bought dog treats; consider offering pieces of kibble or veggies instead. If it comes from your hand, chances are your dog will think it’s gold! (more…)

Money-saving TIPS for PETS

animalandpetMoney-saving TIPS for PETS






During financially challenging times, we tend to look at what we can do to reduce our spending. Pets are part of our families, but lately I have seen a lot of adoptions and selling of pets because it’s just too difficult to keep animals when you are trying to make rent/mortgages and feed your family. (more…)

Ways to Save Money on Vet Bills

vet billsWays to Save Money on Vet Bills

Keeping a pet may prove to be a costly affair, especially when it comes to vet bills. This Buzzle article will tell you some simple, yet effective tips on how you can prevent the burden of expensive vet bills, and save a huge deal of money on pet healthcare. (more…)

6 Tips to Save Thousands on Pet Care

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ABC News’ Paula Faris reports:
The Seversons can’t imagine life without their Labrador retrievers, 5-year-old Buddy and 3-month-old Maverick.

But at $50 a week for food, $35 a week on toys and teething treats and grooming costs that are more than their kids’ haircuts, the dogs are expensive. They’re spending about $120 a week, adding up to a little more than $6,000 a year and that doesn’t include medicine or visits to the vet.
Americans are expected to shell out a whopping $55 billion on their animals this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. (more…)

Money-Saving Advice for Pet Owners

images (79)Money-Saving Advice for Pet Owners


Look at that that face! The moment potential pet owners lay eyes on a sweet little puppy or kitten, they’re goners. But in the rush of emotion that comes with pet adoption, few consider the long-term costs, which can be at least $400 or more annually, according to the ASPCA. The good news: It’s surprisingly easy to save money on pet care. Just follow these insider tips.

Vet Care
When deciding on a pet, choose a mixed breed that has been reared by a friend, reliable breeder or trusted shelter. “Hybrid animals tend to be hardier than purebreds, who often have hereditary diseases, or those from pet stores, who may have acquired illnesses in animal mills,” says Louise Murray, DVM, director of medicine for the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital and author of Vet Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Your Pet’s Health. Lower costs further by adopting pets over a year old; they’ll likely have been spayed or neutered, and had shots and training. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Animals/Pets

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1. How to raise funds for pet and vet care bills

For emergencies and other unplanned veterinary costs, the expenses can be staggering. In some cases, it becomes a life-and-death situation just because the funds are short, not a medical shortcoming. Other times, and animal may “find” us; they may be homeless, injured or otherwise healthy but incurring unplanned-for-expenses. Here are some ways to raise funds to help. (more…)