Top Five Money Savings Tips for New Home Construction

constructionTop Five Money Savings Tips for New Home Construction


Save Big The Next Time You Build
Considering how fragile the economy is right now and how timid banks are to loan money for new homes I thought I’d share my experience with saving money on new home construction. It wasn’t that long ago when getting loans was really easy and building large homes was the trend. Today banks are less likely to fund new construction because of the premium costs associated with new construction. (more…)

5 Ways to Cut Construction Costs

construciton5 Ways to Cut Construction Costs


As developers begin to look at whether new construction pencils out again, architects, property managers, and general contractors are getting a lot of calls to do studies and help underwrite deals. Some of these proposals will turn into nothing, but others could eventually lead to starts. What separates a winner from a loser? Well, finding debt and equity is always the biggest driver. (more…)

How to Save Money in Constructing a New House

download (2)How to Save Money in Constructing a New House

Before, getting banks loans were so easy in such as way that constructing large houses was the trend. Today, banks are more likely to not lend money because of the premium costs related with new construction.

There are ways you can keep your financial plan down on building a new home so that banks could possibly fund your project. Here are five techniques on saving money for new home construction. (more…)

How To Save Money On Construction Projects

images (99)How To Save Money On Construction Projects


If you’re like most contractors, you’re looking for ways to squeeze every cent out of every dollar on your next construction project.

If you want to save loads of cash on your next job, you need to follow the tips below. You’ll get some great ideas on how to effectively save money.

Tip 1: You’re going to have to plan ahead
If you don’t plan ahead, your budget is in for a world of hurt. The more time that you spend planning out a project, the more you’ll save in cost overruns. (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Construction

Tips-to-Save-Money-on-Home-ConstructionMoney Saving Tips on Construction


Whether you’re doing a home renovation or building from scratch, it’s nice to be able to cut back on expenses in any construction project. Construction can get expensive, and since it’s not as easy to get a loan as it was before the housing bubble burst, chances are you’re working on a tight budget.
My husband and I added on to our house in the winter of 2011 and replaced the roof on the older part of the house in early 2012, so construction was a fact of life around here for about half a year. In the process of hiring contractors, working with an architect, and dealing with the day to day headaches of a large-scale renovation, I learned some of these money-saving tips the hard way, lucked out with others, and wish that I’d known a few more before we broke ground.
There are three ways to save money on construction projects: Cutting back on up-front costs, avoiding expensive mistakes, and making the finished structure less expensive to inhabit. From hiring workers and sourcing materials to doing some of the work yourself, there are lots of tricks to stay within your budget without cutting too much out of your project. (more…)