Money Saving Tips for Tween and Teen Girls

teensMoney Saving Tips for Tween and Teen Girls


In this day and age it is very important to teach your young daughter the value of saving money early in life. Showing your tween or teen girl ways to save money when they are young will prepare them to enter adulthood on a steady financial footing. There are many money saving tips for tween and teen girls that you can show your daughter or granddaughter how to use in their everyday lives. From finding after school jobs to proper budgeting to savvy shopping, saving money is a lifestyle choice that should begin early on with young girls. (more…)

12 top money saving tips for girls!

savingtipsforgils12 top money saving tips for girls!


Looking and feeling your best can cost a small fortune. Find out how to be a savvy spender and still enjoy life’s little luxuries.

Is hitting the shops and indulging in a spot of pampering your idea of a fun way to spend a day? If this sounds like you, you’ll probably know only too well that enjoying treats like these and living frugally don’t usually go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life’s little luxuries even if you’re on a budget. So check out my favourite not-to-be-missed money saving tips especially for girls. (more…)

Money Saving Tips For Modern Single Girls

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These money saving tips are for modern single girls who want to save money, still look good and continue to live a fabulous lifestyle at the same time! Yes, you can save money and still have it all!

I’m a thoroughly modern and moderately high-maintenance women myself. I have an average wage, and until I took up these new spending habits, I rarely ever had any savings. But within 12 months of devising these money saving ideas and overhauling what I spent my money on I was able to afford the deposit on my first home! And I hardly went without anything in the process! If you’re wanting to save for a house, a fancy car or an overseas holiday, but you never seem to have any money left after your pay day these savings tips could help you make those dreams come true! (more…)

10 Money Saving Tips for Single Women

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Tod’s loafers, the Lana Del Rey bag, the Marni for H&M collection – the list goes on. As a single woman, the tendency to splurge is stronger, as most of us do not have that much financial commitments. While some provide for parents and family members, some others have only themselves to fund.

To avoid a remake of ‘Two Broke Girls’ – we tell you how to be a smart single woman who is all ready for rainy days! (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Girls

08-020812-money-saving-tips-mdn12 top money saving tips for girls!



1. Start off with our fantastic Frugal Friday blog

If you’re hitting the high street for some much-needed retail therapy, don’t forget to check out our Frugal Friday blog first. Every week we’ll give you a full rundown of all the best high street and online sales. Even better, you can be the first to read the blog by getting an update the moment it’s published. All you need to do is register now. (more…)