30 Money Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

Senior-Citizens-Fiscal-Cliff-Deal30 Money Saving Tips for Senior Citizens




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Look For Senior Discounts

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for senior discounts for airline, bus, train, boat and other fares. Check online on the transport website for discounts. (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Seniors

senriosMoney Saving Tips for Seniors

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Many seniors are living on a fixed income, and even those living comfortably often look for ways to save money to travel more, leave a bigger inheritance, or simply have a larger nest egg for unexpected events.

Since many seniors saw their 401Ks dwindle with the stock market crash, planning for retirement has become a hot topic. How do you save more in less time? While there may not be any quick and easy answers, the solution may lie in pinching pennies and spending smarter.

Here are a few tips to help you stretch that social security or pension check even farther. (more…)

Six Money-Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

seniorsavingSix Money-Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

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Here are some of my favorite “price choppers.” See how may others you can come up with.

1. Check out your favorite stores for their senior discount policy. Some stores offer a 5-10% discount on all purchases made by seniors every day of the week. Others have a senior day, perhaps on Wednesday of each week, where seniors get a 20% discount. You may have to ask for the discount, although many stores now just automatically figure in the discount for anyone who looks as though they might fit into the “senior” category. The important thing is to be armed ahead of time with the policy of each store so that you can arrange your shopping trips in order to take advantage of any savings you are entitled to. (more…)

7 Money Saving Tips for Seniors

images (74)7 Money Saving Tips for Seniors

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The rising cost of groceries, gas, medical care and other daily necessities are putting the squeeze on millions of people worldwide; seniors are one group that are being hit the hardest. With tight budgets and limited disposable income, it is difficult for many to make ends meet. A recent article indicates that 59% of available senior income is being spent on housing and health care; that doesn’t include food, transportation or other expenses. So what can be done by older people and their families to relieve a little of the pressure? (more…)

Money Saving Tips for Senior Citizens

images (2)Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Seniors

Source: http://www.ncoa.org/enhance-economic-security/economic-security-Initiative/savvy-saving-seniors/top-10-things-all-seniors.html

1. Current Expenses

Take the time to compile all of your current obligations (supplemental health insurance, prescription drug insurance, life insurance, etc.) and examine if you have the most cost-effective plan for you and/or if all plans are still relevant. Consult with a trusted information source before terminating plans. When assessing your prescription drug plans, consider reaching out to your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), where you can get free information about Medicare, including apply for and selecting plans. (more…)