Save Money on Kids Sports Equipment

kidssportsdSave Money on Kids Sports Equipment





Youth sports bring many benefits to your child, but costs for kids’ sports equipment can be an uncomfortable strain on your household budget, especially when paired with league fees and other expenses. Try these tips to help save money on kids’ sports equipment. (more…)

How to Save Money on Sports Equipment

closets-sports_300How to Save Money on Sports Equipment


Stretching the pennies is sometimes necessary&mdashand when it comes to sports equipment, it’s always possible.

A walk inside your local Play It Again Sports store is one example. A 32-inch Louisville Slugger wood baseball bat is available for just $20. Over in the corner, a used set of free weights is priced significantly cheaper than a comparable shiny new set. Used golf clubs are for sale if you need to replace your putter. Second-hand tennis rackets are plentiful, and at a discount (more…)

5 Ways to Save Money on Sports Gear and Equipment

sportsequipment5 Ways to Save Money on Sports Gear and Equipment




Any sports parent that has been involved with youth sports for even a single season knows that it can get very expensive very quickly. Before you factor in the costs of transportation, half-time snacks for the team, tournament registration fees, private lessons and so forth, just outfitting your youth athlete for the season can put a sizeable dent in your wallet. Here are five ways to help save money on sports gear and equipment: (more…)

Money Saving Tips on Sports Equipment or Sports Gear

images (5)Saving Money on Sports Equipment for School


Get It Free, Cheap or Used

Free-cycle is where I would start. If that did not work, there is a really good store called Play It Again Sports. They buy gently used sporting goods and re-sell them. They also sell new items. We bought our daughter’s “kids size” tennis racket there for her lessons.

Big 5 is great too they always have sales on everything. (more…)