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running tipsIt has been said more than once that running is a cheap sport. However, when adding up the money I spend on it over a year, I’m not sure I agree. As with everything you do, there are plenty of ways to spend your money. If you want to run along at a budget, try a few of those things:

Sports drinks are expensive. A cheaper alternative is to mix water and fruit juice. A 50/50 mix results in an isotonic drink, but you can water it down more if you find that easier to swallow during a run. Also, most sport drinks contain sodium, so add salt if you feel like it.
Energy gels are ridiculously expensive, considering that they mainly consist of some sugary paste. I used to take one gel if I ran 15 miles or more, and 2 gels for any 20 miler (or more). I have since completely given up on gels, apart from during marathon races. And guess what? My distance runs don’t feel any more difficult as a result.

Spending a lot of money on recovery drinks? According to coach Greg McMillan, the perfect recovery boost comes from a glass of Slim-Fast, because it contains the perfect mixture of carbohydrates and protein. My local supermarket even had it on a buy-one-get-one-free offer a few weeks ago, further driving down my expenses.

Energy bars are an expensive snack. I can think of two alternatives straight away: many “normal” snack bars contain pretty much the same amount of carbohydrates than the sport ones, but at a lower price. Just look at the ingredients. Even better, try some fruit. An apple, orange, plum, kiwi, peach or any other fruit you can think of will give you the same energy boost, but is both cheaper and healthier.

Running shoes are a major cost factor. Many shops have sales at the end of the year. Try and stock up on several pairs of runners then. You can literally save hundred of dollars/euros that way. (Disclaimer: I don’t have a local running shop to support.)
Are you planning on an out-of-town marathon as well as a big holiday? Why not combine the two. Next time you take your spouse to Paris, why not do it in the middle of April? Just don’t get too romantic the evening before the race though, or you might come to regret it.