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Compiled from student responses to the Money Saving Tips contest (brought to you by
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In order to save money here are some tips I use: instead of staying in all of the time you can try watching a DVD you own that you haven’t seen in a long time. You can also rent from a library or from Netflix, which are a lot less than going out to the movies. If you want to go out to a theater, go to the matinee. If you want to go to a concert, wait to buy your tickets, the last minute tickets are usually sold at cheaper prices. Lastly, instead of going out for dinner, try cooking a meal and having a few friends over. You can turn it in to a game night and then not only will it be cheap, but fun too.

Borrow books, CD’s, and DVDs from the library instead of buying or renting them.

If it’s your birthday the comedy club Yuk Yuk’s usually gives out tickets for free shows if you ask! It would be really fun to go with some friends to see some of the newest and funniest Canadian comedians around!

Entertainment on a budget is hard to do. Movies, dinner, and the mall are so expensive these days and when you throw in saving for school, it makes it harder. The following are tips on how to save money on entertainment: 1. Get a Scotiabank card that collects scene it points, it’s a great way to save money, because when you get a certain number of points you get FREE movies and snacks! 2. Get an Airmiles card, collect points and get redmine points for gift cards for shops at the mall and restaurants. 3. Movie night in. Call friends over and have them bring their old movies from when you were younger, this is a fun girls night and a way to save money!

Go to the drive-in on their weekly “carload night”. A group of 5 … or (in a van) 8 whole people can get in for 15 dollars… that can be as low as $2.25 each for 2 hit movies! Not to mention the absolutely fantastic time you’ll have with your friends! You can even bring homemade goodies to save at the concession stand! Bring some bug spray, a few blankets, and cuddle up for a great time!

One of my favourite past times is exploring parts of town I haven’t been before. Discovering cool new places is thrilling, but it’s all about the journey, too!

In order to save money on entertainment I often check out the free concert and event listings for my city. There are often fun events going on in my, or nearby, communities. Combine these free events with taking the bus or car pooling and you have yourself one cheap day or night out. When I or my friends are set on going out to a bar or club, we often try to go before the time when cover charges are required or to bars with good drink and food specials.

Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. It entertains well.

Adopt a dog from a shelter, they’re cheaper there and they will provide you with lots of entertainment (and love).

A lot of museums offer discounts on certain days or during certain times (morning or during the winter).