images (77)10 Best Apps for Money Saving Tips


Everyone is looking for new money-saving tips, and everyone has their tricks and old standbys to achieve their saving goals, from loyalty programs to packing their lunch. But there’ve been an increasing number of technological changes that put new and exciting ways to save quite literally at your fingertips if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Android device or tablet like the iPad.

Pair these money-saving tips and the latest technology with good, old fashioned thrifty thinking to save money now:

1. Google Shopper
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android
It should come as no surprise that Google enters the money saving app market and comes to quickly dominate the field. You can speak the name of the product you are searching for or scan it. You’ll get reviews and most importantly, online prices, as well as local stores offering the item.

2. Amazon Mobile
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android
Like the Google app, Amazon Mobile allows you to scan the bar code of a product to get a price comparison with other stores and purchase through Amazon.

3. Yowza!! Moble Coupons
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android
The local version of a shopping app, Yowza finds coupons available in your geographic area that you can use immediately. You choose an offer, visit the store and the cashier can scan the barcode on your device to use the coupon and save money.

4. Lemon
Works on iPhone/iPad,Android
If you’ve ever had to return an item but can’t find the darn receipt, Lemon is for you. It works by taking a picture of paper receipts, converting it into a digital copy and housing it in a database. It works on email receipts, too.

5. GroceryIQ
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android
Scan UPC codes to add items to your grocery list, make lists for multiple stores, organize by aisle, email your grocery list to others and many other features that bring grocery shopping into the 21st century. It will also show you what coupons are available, making it easier to save money.

6. Gasbuddy
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry
Nobody likes to pay more for gas than they have to. GasBuddy, an online source for finding the best gas prices in your local area also has a handy app to do the legwork for you. It allows you to locate gas stations near you to see their current prices to find the best deal.

7. Whatsapp Messenger
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry
Tired of paying that extra fee at the end of the month because you went over your text limit? Then start using WhatsApp, a paid text messaging program (including pictures, video or audio) that lets you replace your costly text messages (SMS) by using your existing data plan.

8. Onavo
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android
There’s a price we pay for all the perks of the modern smartphones: It’s called monthly data plans and they can easily exceed $100 a month for many people. The Onavo app claims to help you save up to 80 percent of your data plan by cutting your data use without changing the way you use your phone by letting you know where your data goes. That way, you can identify the data culprits. Additionally, data compression is available as an iPhone-only bonus.

9. Skype
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry
Most people know that allows you to call friends around the world. Well, the Skype App does the same for most smartphones when you have a data connection. Free Skype-to-Skype video calls over WiFi or 3G are also available.

10. Regions Mobile
Works on iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry
It should come as no surprise that Regions has an app to simplify the banking process. Regions Mobile app allows you to find ATMs and branches, receive alerts that notify you when your balance is low or you have insufficient funds, your CheckCard is used and more. You can also pay bills and transfer funds. It’s simple, safe banking, anytime, anywhere.