Money Saving Tips for Tween and Teen Girls

teensMoney Saving Tips for Tween and Teen Girls


In this day and age it is very important to teach your young daughter the value of saving money early in life. Showing your tween or teen girl ways to save money when they are young will prepare them to enter adulthood on a steady financial footing. There are many money saving tips for tween and teen girls that you can show your daughter or granddaughter how to use in their everyday lives. From finding after school jobs to proper budgeting to savvy shopping, saving money is a lifestyle choice that should begin early on with young girls. (more…)

10 Tips for Saving Money as a Freelancer

freelancers10 Tips for Saving Money as a Freelancer


Now that I’ve been freelancing for well over a year, I’ve dealt with my fair share of expenses, taxes and other terrible money sucking things we have to deal with as the self-employed. There are several ways to manage these of course, and ways to save money doing so.
Unfortunately, just because we stay at home it doesn’t mean that we save more money than someone who works outside of the home. Yes, we have to pay for less gas, we don’t have to pay to eat out, nor do we have as many car expenses. But if you’re not careful, you can actually spend a lot more than someone who does drive 30 minutes away to work.
Here are ten of the ways I’ve found to save money for everything we deal with as business owners. (more…)

Money-Saving Tips for Families

families_offered_money_saving_tipsMoney-Saving Tips for Families


Financial experts often separate budgets into fixed costs and flexible areas of spending. Often you can save more readily when you are conscious of the “miscellaneous” items you buy. The following are some money-saving tips aimed to help you in the short term and in the long haul. (more…)

Practical Savings Tips for Every Day Saving Print Page

everydayPractical Savings Tips for Every Day Saving Print Page


-Try take-out once a month instead of dining out.
-Rent a video instead of going to the movies. If you really want to go to the movies, go to the less expensive afternoon “matinee.”
-Or better yet, go to your local library and borrow books, CDs, videos, and read the latest magazines and newspapers. (more…)

6 tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget

entrepreneurs6 tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners on a budget


Even if you have a great plan for a business, it takes more than an idea to effectively run one.
From money management to administration, many factors go into making a business well rounded, and the foundation of a successful business is money. Although many may think that business owners need truckloads of money to get started, there are numerous ways to create a business on a strict budget. (more…)

10 Best Money Saving Tips for Small Business

small business10 Best Money Saving Tips for Small Business


When times get tough, we tighten our belts. Cutting down on unnecessary expenditure can be the difference between failure and survival for your business in these difficult times.

If your business is struggling in the current climate, why not try some of our money-saving tips and see how much you could save.

1. How to cut your tax bill

Taxes: the bane of business owners everywhere. In this hot tip, we offer you some of the best tips on cutting your tax bill – from saving tax on energy-efficient cars, to cutting your bill by going into partnership with your other half – brought to you by the FPB’s tax adviser, Pat Cobham.

2. How to slash your bills

A survey has shown that smaller businesses are paying well over the odds on a host of common purchases. And, worse still, many know that they could cut their bills, but simply never take action. But, desist from your procrastination – by the end of this hot tip, you could be well on the way to slashing 35% off your current spending.

3. Inheritance Tax and how to avoid it

Peter Houghton – a specialist in trust tax and estates at Mace & Jones explains how to protect your finances and business interests through the preparation of a tax-efficient will.

4. How to save money on electricity and gas

As the economic outlook gets gloomier, FPB members everywhere will know that energy price increases are playing a far more important role in the fight to make a decent profit for their companies. Read on to see if you are overpaying your suppliers.

5. Top credit control tips

The […]




If you are reading this, you probably started to think of saving money after all these years of excessive spending. It could be that you are making a lot of cash every month, but still you don’t even have much in the bank or elsewhere where you could keep and grow your money. It is not abnormal that the plans to save money are easier said than done. You will actually need much more understanding and techniques to make it a success. (more…)

25 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips

fabulous25 Simple Money-Saving Beauty Tips


It seems as though every time a beauty product runs out in our arsenal, we realize that nearly all of our products are either empty or low. You know how it goes: You then go to the store and end up spending way more than you’d initially planned. This is always frustrating because beauty products can really put a dent in your wallet. We don’t mind splurging every so often, but when it comes to basics, it is nice to be able to save some money. (more…)

Top 7 Ways to Save on New Appliances

appliancesTop 7 Ways to Save on New Appliances





New appliances don’t have to be costly – if you know how to shop for them. Consider these seven sources for savings:

1. Buy Last Year’s Model
If you don’t mind owning last year’s model, you can shave hundreds of dollars off of your appliance purchase. Best time to shop: September and October when stores are under pressure to clear space for the new arrivals.

2. Shop the Scratch and Dents
A small scratch or dent could become your best friend if you’re on a tight budget. Ask the sales associate if they have any damaged appliances for sale. Then, survey the damaged models to decide what you are willing to live with – even the smallest blemish can net big savings. (more…)

Money-saving TIPS for PETS

animalandpetMoney-saving TIPS for PETS






During financially challenging times, we tend to look at what we can do to reduce our spending. Pets are part of our families, but lately I have seen a lot of adoptions and selling of pets because it’s just too difficult to keep animals when you are trying to make rent/mortgages and feed your family. (more…)