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7 Smart Tricks for Saving Money on Your Next Trip

travel tips and tricks secrets7 Smart Tricks for Saving Money on Your Next Trip


These days, just getting from here to there can suck most of the money out of your wallet (not to mention the fun out of your getaway). Follow these super-savvy tips, and stash some cash to splurge once the vacation really starts. (more…)

Save Money on Kids Sports Equipment

kidssportsdSave Money on Kids Sports Equipment





Youth sports bring many benefits to your child, but costs for kids’ sports equipment can be an uncomfortable strain on your household budget, especially when paired with league fees and other expenses. Try these tips to help save money on kids’ sports equipment. (more…)

Rehab Money Saving Idea

constructionRehab Money Saving Idea


I’m always looking to learn new ideas and sometimes get reminded of money saving projects that can save homeowners and investors money while doing deals. Hopefully this will help you out and give you some good ideas like it did me.
By Geoff Williams | U.S.News & World Report
Cracks under windows and doors and holes near the foundation. Unfortunately, there probably aren’t just cracks and gaps in your attic – your basement may have them, too, and there may be spaces around your windows and doors where air is getting in. (If you want to, you could spend a good month or two, and quite a bit of cash, sealing up all the cracks in your house.) (more…)

4 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Investment Property

buyingtips4 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Investment Property


When most people think of money saving tips, they think of how to save on food, utilities, and discretionary purchases. But there are ways to save money when buying investment property.

The most important tip is to do your research first and make sure you’re financially ready for the risk that investment properties bring.

You also need to consider all expenses involved, including purchase cost and loan amount, and costs of carrying the property, such as taxes and insurance.

Before you start looking, define why you want to buy investment property.

Is it for an extra income stream? To eventually quit your job and make your living from investment property? To have a more comfortable retirement?

Your reason for buying an investment property will influence your choices along the way. Knowing your reasons helps you stay focused. (more…)

Six Best Money-Saving Apps and Sites

6-best-money-saving-websites-mainSix Best Money-Saving Apps and Sites


With the holidays quickly approaching and your list of who to buy for slowly getting longer, it doesn’t hurt to start saving your money and searching for sales before Black Friday rolls around. And with all the apps and coupon websites out there, it’s easier than ever to knock a few extra dollars off your big purchases. But see for yourself–from coupon sites to money-budgeting apps, these are six of our favorite ways to save.

How to Save Money on Jewelry

jewelriesHow to Save Money on Jewelry


The investment in precious metal and stone jewelry can be one that keeps its value and even increases over time. The desire for good jewelry can still be realized if you know a few ways to save money when buying jewelry. The way to save on jewelry purchases is more about being smart with your source and careful to shop only from those trustworthy sellers. Real gold and precious stone jewelry must be authentically as advertised to be worth the money. (more…)

How to Save Money Around the House

housesavingHow to Save Money Around the House





Like many of you, I was brought up by a very practical mother who hated to waste money and loved to find new ways to scrimp. As a result, I am a household cheapskate and proud of it! Here are some simple tips that can help stretch your family’s hard-earned dollars just a little further.

Everyday Penny-Pinching Hints

Maximize your morning cup
Instead of throwing out used coffee grounds, leave half in the filter, then add half of the freshly ground coffee for a second pot.

Travel tip
Instead of replacing my travel-size tube of toothpaste, I refill it from my regular tube: I simply hold the nozzle of the big tube against the small one and slowly squeeze.

Paper saver
To save on fax paper, use both sides for cover sheets (or cut one sheet in half). (more…)

Saving at the Supermarket: 15 Great Grocery Shopping Tips

grocerySaving at the Supermarket: 15 Great Grocery Shopping Tips


Kris and I went grocery shopping this weekend. We stopped at Bob’s Red Mill — a local health-food store — to use some “buy one, get one free” coupons. “You can get anything you want,” Kris told me, “except hot cereal.”

“Why can’t I get hot cereal?” I asked. “I love hot cereal.”

“I know,” Kris said. “But you buy it all the time. You buy it faster than you eat it. Just last week, you bought another box of that blueberry oatmeal from Trader Joe’s. You never remember what we have at home. You need to shop with a list.” (more…)

Money-saving tips for gardeners

gadeningtipsMoney-saving tips for gardeners








Gardens can cost a small fortune or almost nothing at all. The thread running through all good gardens is love. Someone, somewhere, cares about them dearly because the best gardens have hours of effort poured into them. Money can buy you short cuts, expensive garden furniture, fountains or a designer, but not necessarily taste.

Which is a godsend, because, unlike to so many other parts of our society, the garden is a leveller. We can all have a wonderful space on whatever budget we have to hand. Like any other shopping experience, impulse is a sure way to strip your purse bare. Garden centres know this, which is why there are always lovely pots of colour by the entrance, or two sizes of the same plants, so that the smaller one instantly looks inferior. Go knowing what you want, and stick to it – and make sure you actually have space for all those plants. (more…)