moneysavingtipsforhousewivesTop 10 Useful Money-Saving Tips Known by Housewives


To be environment friendly and economic has already been a concept well accepted by more and more people nowadays. Except a lot of DIY items, there are many other ways that help you save a lot in daily life. Below, ten useful frugal or money-saving tips known by many housewives are summarized. To have more fun every day, you may find them helpful 😀

Tip 1: It’s time to Discard Dettol :
Cross-infection on clothes is easily caused in a washing machine. Laundry detergent, soap and washing powder all feature strong function of sterilization. Once you immerse the clothes into water for about 30 minutes, you can kill more than 99.9% of germs on costumes. In this case, it’s absolutely unnecessary to buy some expensive Dettol! However, don’t immerse the clothes more than two hours. Otherwise, the costumes will deform. Washing powder residual on the clothes will also stimulate your skin!

Tip 2: Remember to Use Specialized floor Cleaner :
Customized floor cleaning liquid can not only sterilize, but also wipe off water. Both wood floor and ceramic will seem rather glossy in this case. A bottle of floor cleaner doesn’t cost you too much. It can be used even for one year. While sweeping the floor, prepare two barrels. Pour water about 3 inches into one barrel and add a little floor cleaning liquid into it. Then, fill water into another barrel. When the rag is dirty, wash it firstly in the barrel with clean water and then in the barrel with cleaner. It’s okay to change the water in the clean water barrel, yet not the barrel with floor cleaner. In this case, the floor cleaner you plan to use for one month can be used for about one year!

Tip 3: Dried small Shrimps will be the most Economic Calcium Supplement Product :
Various calcium supplement products are introduced in the TV every day. But actually speaking, dried small shrimps will be the best choice for you! Calcium included in one spoon of shrimps is equal to what’s contained in four bottles of milk. Aside from this, abundant sea minerals are included in shrimps. One kilogram of dried shrimps can be the calcium resource for the whole family within almost one year. And it’s easy to take the shrimps. While cooking, scoop some into the soup directly.

Tip 4: Prepare a Bottle of Alcohol of 75 degrees at Home :
When the keyboard or computer screen gets dirty, spurt some alcohol and wipe it lightly. You can clean and also sterilize at the same time. Also, this makes sense while cleaning the door knob, garbage can, cutting board, light switch, mobile phone, containers for contact lenses etc. To spurt some into the shoes, germ will be killed quickly.

Tip 5: Make full Use of Medical Gauze :
Cut the medical gauze to be small pieces. Compared with face gauze used in beauty shops, these are much cheaper and also healthful. Unlike towel, gauze can be thrown away after being used for several days. Germ cannot breed in this case.

Tip 6: Expired Skin Care products can be still Useful :
You may also have some expired skin care products on the dressing table, right? So, do you know they are great cleaner for shoes, bags and sofas made in leather? When your leather shoes are rather dirty, sweep them by facial cleanser and then body lotion. You will be surprised by what you see there!

Tip 7: Pumpkin seeds will be Useful :
Most people throw away pumpkin seeds directly. But to be honest, they can be wonderful snacks. Wash and dry them. They can expel parasites effectively. What’s more, they are helpful in curing prostatitis. If you have a pet, crush down those seeds and feed the pet with some. It’s safe and economic!

Tip 8: Be more Cautious while choosing the Skin Care Products :
Some skin care products are sold with incredibly expensive prices. But actually speaking, ingredients in them feature tiny difference with some cheap products. While choosing a skin care product, remember to choose some that can avoid ultraviolet rays. It’s of great importance to clean the face strictly. Moisture should be preserved. Take more water and also items with abundant animal collagen like pigs’ feet and skin.

Tip 9: Is it Necessary to buy Vegetables Every day?
I tend to buy vegetables for one week each time. While arriving at home, pack them in some small bags. Take fish and green vegetables first. And then, beans, green peppers, celery etc can be eaten. In this case, different nutrition substances are taken. While having an idea about buying dishes for the next week, record it by your phone. Buy all of them during the weekend.

Tip 10: Some items cannot be Saved!
For sure, there are some items that cost you a lot and you cannot be thrifty on them. For example, high-quality toilet paper will be needed. Too much germ and even talcum powder are detected on low-quality paper. Similarity, females need great sanitary towels!