furnitureSaving Money on Furniture


Barry and I don’t buy new furniture. Well, we don’t buy new furniture OFTEN. We have two pieces of furniture in the house that we bought new – our couch (which was on a kicking awesome sale for $299) and our stationary rockers (which we got BOGO at a local furniture store). I realize that most people decide they want a new piece of furniture and then they head on down to Grand Furniture and get whatever it is they want. My mind doesn’t work that way though. If I do that, you might want to admit me to the hospital because something is SURELY wrong with me. A concussion of some sort….or rabies.

We have a new favorite store we try to visit on a regular basis. It’s in Bristol, Virginia and it is called Everything Goes Furniture. It’s a consignment furniture store…..and it rocks my face off! I like it because you can get older furniture there at a great price. I have a great love of antique and vintage items. It’s my dream to have my entire house decorated in those things. We’re slowly working on it by buying a few things here and there. Where most people get into trouble is when they attempt to have everything that their parents have in their house – except they forget that their parents have had about 20+ extra years to work on buying that stuff.

So, today I’ll share with you how you can save money on furniture. It’s really not that hard – it just takes effort.

1. Beg for it. Ha, ha! No, seriously. If you like a piece of furniture that a family member has, make sure they know you like it. I’ve gotten several things that way (like this vintage radio that Barry restored). When the family member gets tired of it or wants to get rid of it, they’re going to call you and ask you to come get it….or something like that. If you need furniture, tell your family. You might get that chair sitting in the basement that is only gathering dust. Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. And I am in for destruction when I have a fall over my spirit. Or something like that. “Hey Mom. I really like that china cabinet. If you ever decide to get rid of it, make sure you keep me in mind.”

2. Go to yard sales. You’ll almost always find furniture at yard sales – but here’s the kicker….you gotta go early. The furniture is almost always the first thing to go. So, don’t get up at 10am and go out to yard sale around 11:30 and then expect to get a kicking deal on some beautiful antique furniture. Not gonna happen. Someone was there at 8am to get it. You snooze, you lose.

3. Buy on consignment. Remember the store I mentioned above? Even if you don’t live here, you’ll likely find a store like this near you. Ask around. I’ve seen a few of them around. It’s a great way to get a good deal on something you need or want. There are usually just as many options as you’d find in an actual furniture store. Just a tip – don’t take a hungry and tired Annie to a furniture store and expect her to have a fun time. I’m just sayin’.

4. Check Craig’s List/Newspaper ads. We’ve found some great used furniture out of the classifieds. I’ve also seen tons of it on Craig’s List for a great price. The only effort required here is to go and get it – which you’d have to do anyway if you went to the furniture store. If you don’t have a truck, borrow one. Someone you know has a truck. Bake them a cake. Problem solved.

5. Place a “Wanted” ad. If Barry and I want something and we can’t find it, we place a wanted ad in one of our local “selling magazines.” You’ll usually get a call from someone trying to get rid of something in their basement. A good deal for you AND them. You can also place a “wanted” ad on Facebook or Twitter. You might have a friend who has what you need and will sell it to you cheaply. It’s a win-win situation.

So, those are my tips for saving on furniture. This wasn’t a good post for me to write though – because now I want some new old furniture. Great.