money-saving-tips-for-teens-300x225Money Saving Tips For Modern Single Girls






These money saving tips are for modern single girls who want to save money, still look good and continue to live a fabulous lifestyle at the same time! Yes, you can save money and still have it all!

I’m a thoroughly modern and moderately high-maintenance women myself. I have an average wage, and until I took up these new spending habits, I rarely ever had any savings. But within 12 months of devising these money saving ideas and overhauling what I spent my money on I was able to afford the deposit on my first home! And I hardly went without anything in the process! If you’re wanting to save for a house, a fancy car or an overseas holiday, but you never seem to have any money left after your pay day these savings tips could help you make those dreams come true!

How To Save Money:

-Ask your Hairdresser for a low-maintenance haircut (My Hairdresser gave me what he called a “Three month cut”). If you’re going to the Hairdressers every six weeks, your hairstyle is too expensive!

-Buy your Hair Dye at the Supermarket and colour it yourself at home. If you’re not confident with this, ask a family member or friend to do it for you. It can create a fun few hours as well as saving money at the same time!

-Never let your Hairdresser talk you into buying the Salon Only products they stock. No matter how fabulous they tell you they are. It is likely they make a Commission from selling these products – and they are too expensive! If you feel you really need to use professional products on your hair seek out a discount retailer who stock the same products at a cheaper price.

-Don’t pay someone to do the things you can do yourself. You’re quite capable of washing your own car and applying your own Nail Polish and making your own Coffee!

-Stop buying books – But don’t stop reading! Ask your family and friends if they’ve read any good books lately – And borrow or swap one you already own with them. Or join the Library.

-Stop buying girly Magazines! It’s all online these days! If you enjoy reading them away from the computer ask a friend or family member who buys them regularly to pass them on to you when they’ve finished reading them. Or take up reading the magazines in your lunchroom at work.

-Save money at the grocery store – When grocery shopping buy the stores own brand products where they are cheaper and there is little or no difference in the quality of the product (Or look for the cheapest brand). For example, you should not need to buy a specific brand of Salt, Sugar, Flour, Spaghetti etc as there is little difference between the cheapest and the more expensive brands. Also consider buying cheaper brands when it comes to replacing your toiletries such as¬†Toothpaste and Razors. Ask yourself whether it is necessary to spend several dollars on the latest Body Wash when your soap at home works just the same! Buy grocery food items which are on Sale and plan your meals around them. Don’t buy Bin Liners – Use the stores plastic bags (if they use them) instead. Sign up to the stores Discount or Reward Program if they have one.

-Save on Cosmetics – Never spend more than $30 on any one Cosmetic item. As your Designer Brand Cosmetics run out, replace them with reliable mainstream brands such as Cover Girl, Max Factor and Olay. I also applied this rule to Perfume by switching to The Body Shop fragrances.

-Avoid buying jackets and dresses which need professional Dry-Cleaning.

-Look for a cheaper Mobile Phone and Internet plan.

-Turn your Credit Card debt into a Personal Loan. Your debt will most likely be paid off quicker and your monthly repayment should be less because the Interest Rates on Credit Cards are usually higher than Personal Loans. Reducing the amount you pay each month towards this debt by converting it to a Personal Loan is almost giving yourself a pay-rise because you are paying out less money each month!

-Plant some fruit tree’s. Fresh fruit can be expensive and it helps you save money if you have some at home which you can pick at your convenience, or freeze for later! I planted an Orange, a Lemon and a Lime tree. I always had fresh fruit for my Cocktails and for my lunchbox! If you don’t have the yard to do this, try potting Strawberries or herbs.

-Open a Bank Account which does not have a Key Card attached to it. This makes it more difficult to withdraw from than the every day Key Card Account you use. Put some money from your pay into this account every pay day (Try doing this via

-Internet Banking for your convenience). You don’t need to decide on a set amount, so long as you’re putting money in each pay day you’re saving money. If you’re confident you can save a certain amount from your pay regularly ask your bank to automatically transfer money to this new account every pay day.

-Meet your friends AFTER dinner – Skip the restaurant and join your friends afterwards if they’re going out for drinks after dinner. This saves you the cost of the meal and you still get to go out and socialise with them!

-Become the ‘Designated Driver’. You can have a big night out on the town without the hang-over and hardly spend any money – It sure beats staying at home just because you’re saving money! Your friends will appreciate not having to pay for a taxi too!

-When you’re making plans for a date or to catch up with friends chose a public place rather than a Restaurant or Cafe – For example: The local park, the beach, or Art Gallery – Somewhere where you’re not obliged to spend money, or visit them at home.

-Don’t renew your Gym membership – Go jogging instead or turn up the music at home and work out! It’s usually quite cheap to visit your local Public Pool too.

Give yourself some play money! If you nominate a set amount from each pay to spend randomly on anything you like it’s easier to keep track of your spending and you’re still allowing yourself some freedom to spend the money you’ve worked hard all week earning. You’re able to feel like you can treat yourself to some luxury even while you are saving money, so it makes sticking to your savings plans easier too. For example, if I decide to allow myself $50 per week ‘play money’ and I buy myself a new pair of high-heels with it this week, I know that I can have the Handbag to match them too (Which I’m excited about) but that will be my treat next week as I’ve already spent my ‘play money’ this week.

-Sell any dresses you haven’t worn for a long time on eBay. Go shopping for new dresses with the money you receive – that way you can treat yourself without having to use any money from your pay!

-Change what you drink to a cheaper alternative. I found a Liquor Store which stocked a good selection of ‘Clean Skins’ wines from popular local Vineyards at under $8 each. They were an interesting talking point at party’s and tastier than buying a cheap commercial brand.

-Be mindful of what you spend on gifts. If there’s a big Lotto Draw coming up buy a Lotto Gift Pack! Grab that Jewellery from the half price rack at the department store to keep for your friends Birthday! Make her a Cake yourself too! And there’s always the ‘Clean Skins’…

-With these money saving tips I hope you’re able to save for everything you’ve ever dreamed of, stay glamerous and have some fun along the way!