1. Book early

It cannot be said too many times; if you want cheaper flights with the major airlines, especially long-haul, then you should try and get in as early as possible. Over a matter of weeks or sometimes days, prices can change immensely. Planes, trains and buses all have a quota of seats they will sell for the lowest price and then prices just increase.

However, if you’re not fussy about where you go, you can still get some very good late deals. and Laterooms tend to be good for this, giving you a cheap spur-of-the-moment holiday.

2. Embrace the internet

These days, the price of online deals usually beats those available on the high street or over the phone. Whether you’re putting together a holiday yourself or getting a package, it’s easy to find the best deals if you know the best websites. Flightmapping can tell you exactly which airlines fly between where you are and where you want to go – plus all the possible prices for your journey. Start by looking at the Moneymagpie flight comparison service, which you can use by simply entering your details below:

Cheap Flights from United Kingdom

Maybe try looking for short haul flights on Kayak; the more common search engines like Expedia will be able to come up with good fares for long haul flights.

If you’re booking a family holiday to a Disney resort, check out Mousesavers. Their site, although aimed at an American audience, list deals and money saving tips for all of Disney’s resorts. So don’t let Disney take the mickey and check out Mousesavers now.

3. Visit cheaper countries

If you want to cross the channel take into account the strength of the pound against the currency of your destination, as well as the average cost of living, when planning a holiday. Good places to keep track of changing currency rates are and Travelex, which also has an exchange service.

4. Public holidays in other countries

Many countries have their own public holidays and (just like in Britain) these are peak periods for travel. Hotels, flights, buses and trains will all be more expensive and will book up quicker than at other times. Plan ahead to make sure you don’t get caught out!! Public holidays may also mean shops are closed so make sure you don’t get stranded without food.

5. Haggle with tour operators

It’s tough out there for travel agents – they have to compete with the internet. So use this to your advantage. Do some research into prices first and then challenge them to create you a package that includes a serious discount. Many of them can rise to it and save you some serious cash.

6. Package or individually tailored?

Package holidays are great when you are going to resort destinations or big festivals where thousands of people flock annually. You get accommodation and coaches organised for you and in some cases visas. To get in and out of Munich during Oktoberfest, getting to Gallipoli for Anzac Day or going through Russia (where you need special tourist visas to step foot over the border) are all examples where a package would make life that little bit easier for you. Otherwise planning your own trip is a lot better because you can pick and choose exactly what you want to do and where to go.

7. Sign up for special offers

Take advantage of promotional offers from flight companies when they send you advertising. You could come across some really good deals. Get a separate free email address to handle newsletters that could clog up your normal inbox, and then sign up for newsletters with travel sites such as Travelbag, Trailfinders, Expedia and Accor Hotels.

8. Take advantage of partnership offers

Use existing partnership points or offers where you can. For example, if you’re planning on an adventure holiday and have a 16-25 railcard, you can save 10% on your whole trip with STA! Loyalty cards like Nectar offer a range of travel-related opportunities such as Legoland entry and discount theatre tickets.

9. Get yourself an ISIC

If you are studying, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) for under-26s can give you thousands of discounts in the UK and around the world. An annual card is worth £9 from isiccard.

10. Holiday Which?

If you are a serious traveller, and certainly if you are serious about making the very most of your money when you go away, you should subscribe to Holiday Which? It is full of money-saving tips, genuine reviews of hotels, countries, airlines and the like. It also has useful facts about how to complain and get your money back if there are problems.