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Well, Halloween is almost here. For me, at least, Halloween marks the beginning of the most expensive time of the year: “The Holiday Season”. But this year, I am going to try to plan ahead, and with the help of the Internet, hopefully save some money, or at least spend less than usual. I have found some great sites that might help you save money as well this Halloween.

One mistake I make almost every year is waiting until the last minute to buy costumes for my sons. You would think I would learn, but last year I ran down to the local grocery store the night before Halloween to buy my middle son’s costume. Of course, the only costumes left cost at least $20, and they were cheap plastic. Now, this year, I have already planned ahead a bit. My middle son wants to be a cowboy; he has boots a friend gave him, and I bought him a bandanna today for $1.29. So all we really need is a cowboy hat, and that shouldn’t cost too much. (I hope!)

Here are some links to sites that have costumes you can make.

Debbie Colgrove is the Sewing Guide here at She has several feature articles detailing costumes you can make. Don’t miss:

Tea Bag Halloween Costume
Debbie gives detailed instructions about creating an economical Tea Bag costume. The only things you have to buy are interfacing and some heavy thread.

Robot Costume
This sounds like something even I could make, with my limited sewing skills. This project requires odds-and-ends many of us have lying around the house, such as cardboard boxes, foil pie plates, and old appliance knobs..

Halloween Flower Costume
Now, this costume sounds adorable, slightly more complicated perhaps, but if you can sew, this might be fun! You will need a green, hooded jogging suit, and some other materials, but especially if you have more than one child, you could save it and use it in future Halloweens. It sounds great!

Some of you would prefer to have a Halloween party, rather than send your kids out trick-or-treating. (Very understandable these days!) So, here is a great link that will give you some good ideas for Halloween Parties:

Kimberly Keith, the K-6 guide for, has an excellent article about Halloween parties.

Halloween Party Ideas
Great ideas for hosting a Halloween Party for your kids, and lots of links to other sites that will help you with your party.

These are links to more sites that have great Halloween feature articles. I hope these help us all in our quest to save money this Halloween season!