kilowatt7 Money Saving Tips on your Electric Bill


ore money saving tips… Chevrat hachashmal has a monopoly on the electric market in Israel. Electricity is one of the most essential amenities. Most of us have 5-10 appliances plugged in constantly, and probably many more that are used on a semi-regular basis. However, with money saving in mind there are ways to keep the electricity bills down, which is good for the both the environment and your pocket.

1. Although lighting is relatively inexpensive you can still save money. Florescent lights are cheaper to run than incandescent bulbs. If you have halogen bulbs use a transformer to lower the hourly cost.

2. If it’s not in use unplug it or at least turn it off! Some electrical devices go into standby mode when they are turned off but are still plugged in; whereby they are still using electricity (these are known as electrical vampires). In some cases this is minimal, in others more substantial; it can account for up to 10% of your electricity bill! Included in this are consumer electronics such as TVs, DVDs and computer equipment.

3. Your fridge has to work less hard if there is space between the wall and the fridge to allow for the free circulation of air and consequently uses less electricity. Your freezer works most efficiently when it is full.
4. In Israel we rely very heavily on air conditioning to get through the summer, but it uses a tremendous amount of electricity. Turning the air conditioning up by just 1 degree will save 5% of the electricity used. Ceiling fans use much less electricity than the air conditioning. These are particularly useful in smaller rooms or bedrooms at night.

5. However, in the winter using the air conditioning to heat the house is actually cheaper than radiators. Closing the curtains, making sure the windows fit properly, and putting down floor rugs can all help to insulate the house for the winter.

6.Driers are relatively expensive per usage – in a country blessed with plenty sun this is a good way to but your electricity bill. Some models and in particular older driers take much longer to dry clothes than new ones. If you use your drier a lot then maybe it is worth investing in a new one which ultimately could save you money.

7. A “dud shemesh” will save money in the summer months on heating water – make sure it’s not blocked by a tree. If you use a timer to set the water heater in the winter, make sure you adjust it in the summer so it does not come on unnecessarily.