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At the beginning of 2013, a McCrindle Research study showed that the rising cost of living was the number one concern for Gen Ys, Gen Xers, and the Baby Boomer Generation across the nation. Four months into the year, a new survey reveals that this is still the front of mind issue for Australians.

What are some ways that you and your family can save your hard-earned money? Through our qualitative analysis, hundreds of Australians wrote to us on the tips and trick they use to save money by changing the way they do food and grocery bills, reduce energy costs, and alter their lifestyle habits.
Food & groceries

Economies of scale:
Prepare meals in bulk and freeze the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner or lunch at work.
Stick to a plan
Plan out weekly menus and stay to a strict menu only purchasing plan.
Bargain hunting:
Note weekly specials, ‘home-brands’, seasonal veggies, and stock up on discounted non-perishables.
Spreading it out:
Purchase reduced meat that can be stretched across several meals.
Eat at home:
Avoid eating out, impulse purchases, and shopping when you’re hungry.
Minimise waste:
Purchase smaller quantities of fresh food per purchase to avoid wastage.
Utility bills

Turn it off:
Prevent using ‘standby’ electricity use by switching appliances off at the power point.
Reuse water by collecting rainwater for your garden or using bath water to wash your car.
Plan ahead:
Plan shopping trips to maximize efficiency – plan many errands into one trip.
Rug up:
Keep warm with a jumper or blanket rather than using heating appliances.
Full loads only:
Fill your washing machine completely, and do dishes once per day.
Free sun:
Use the outdoor drying line instead of a clothes dryer.
Move your feet:
Walk or catch public transport instead of driving.
Lifestyle Choices

Sweat at home:
Exercise at home rather than joining a gym by walking, using fitness DVDs or personal exercise equipment
Elbow grease it:
Do your own household duties rather than outsourcing cleaning, garden, and lawn mowing.
Invite them around:
Eat and entertain at home rather than dining out.
Take a shortcut:
Use discount vouchers where possible and seek out affordable specials on leisure activities.
Keep it local:
Take holidays close to home and participate in local activities and attractions.
Join the groove:
Take advantage of free public events and parks to enjoy entertainment and meet friends.
Finance Management 101

Stick to it:

Stick to a strict budget with what gets bought, with more attention paid to necessities and a cut on luxury items and holidays.

Adapt your leisure:
Cut back on leisure activities – spending more time at home or use free entertainment
Sale it:
Seek out sale items and bargain hunting.
Increase your pay:
Seek out a promotion, bonus, new job or extra jobs to pay bills.
Make downgrades to free up cash by moving from a house to an apartment, changing from private to public school or cutting back to one car.